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The Principles of Natura

What are the principles of Natura? How are they used every day?

First, just to be clear, I should clarify that the principles of Natura are not the same thing as the Seven Guiding Principles. We have lots of sets of principles. The Seven Guiding Principles are cosmological and explain the ways in which Spirit manifests throughout all of the Realms. They were given by Babalon and the Angels which oversee each Principle. The principles of Natura originate from the leadership of the Temple through our research and experience, and are much simpler or more pragmatic. These principles help us to re-wild ourselves as much as possible in the world we live in. We call this process the "new indigene". A sampling of some of the Principles of Natura we employ in this regard are as follows:

Human scale living. In order to solve the problem of progress and industrialization and to stop the insurmountable evils of these ways, all Ophidians who have the opportunity should seek to live in a way which utilizes only those tools and methods which a person alone or a small group of people could accomplish by themselves. This terrifies most modern people, but it is actually quite exhilarating to live this way. One learns self reliance by watching nature Herself for answers. One also learns to listen to the ancestors of the past, because they often have beautiful and elegant ways to solve almost any of life’s problems - most of which have been lost to modern humans. This process allows one to re-skill themselves, and to gain the confidence necessary for survival under almost any circumstances.

Responsibility for one’s own living. This means that humans must endeavor to return to feeding themselves directly from Gaia, and clothing themselves directly from Gaia. They can not allow anyone else to do this for them. Small groups or tribes can work together in order to accomplish this for those who are too young or too old - as the elders cared for the young ones at one time as well. Displacement from land, and food and clothing is one of the primary tools of enslavement on this planet, along with the implementation and forced use of money - which is a token of forced labor and slavery. Most people have never experienced the true feeling of freedom which accompanies the autonomy from the modern system of dependence which keeps most people suppressed and depressed - and unable to accomplish their Wills.

Reciprocity. In the early days of the Temple when we were being trained for this life by the spirits, the Archangel Auriel told us: “take from the Earth, give to the Earth. Feel the joy of it.” It is a simple statement which almost anyone can understand, but also very profound in the realization of its implementation. If we take from the land, then we must return as much to the land. Animals do this by eating and then returning their waste and ultimately their bodies to the soil. So we do the same, as we were meant to. We also raise our animals with care and good guardianship, giving them and their species a life which would not otherwise exist. When we butcher, it is done under the direction of the Priestess, as she helps guide the animal’s spirit past the threshold of death and into the Genius Loci of a place so that it may live on there as it will as guardian and friend. This is a hands on act, and takes great courage and responsibility, because they were our friends. This process will profoundly change one in ways which most modern people cannot begin to understand, but used to be commonplace with our species. We only eat meat which we ourselves raise and care for, so that we know the responsibility of being a predator of the ones we cared for when the time comes. It keeps one Justified in one's predatory nature and far from gluttony or taking the animal's life for granted. In the pact of reciprocity, we pledge to do the same, when we pass, and our bodies return to that same soil, and our shades (our lowest levels) become guardians of that land for those that live there in the future. In this way we become bound to those of the place, and they to us, in mutual reciprosity and dependency of Spirit.

Guardianship. True stewardship comes from serving something greater than oneself - and in giving to something greater than ourselves. We are guardians so that life, nature and manifest Spirit may abound - this is Bounty. This is the Cornucopia which so many Goddesses carry. This is what that means. We are the last guardians of this way, and the only hope for something Justified and beautiful again after this horrible modern civilization falls - and it will. We are preparing to survive in order to repopulate the land again with a new indigene, to re-wild the people after the Shuddering. For there will be no choice any more for humanity, and the great force of Necessity will change the hand that feeds back to Gaia again for those that survive.

Female-led. The female holds the womb, and the womb holds the future of life. The female is obviously the nurturer and mother, and also the gateway of life and death in a very real spiritual sense. The Underworld is in one sense the Womb of Existence. Man has sought to usurp this power for himself, becoming the dispenser of life and death according to his own mind and desires, and not according to any Justified nature. Man’s role should be as Guardian in service of something greater than himself - the females around him - in whatever manner is required. All original indigenes were Goddess oriented and female led for this reason. And all men were Guardians of this process, defending with their life if need be.

Now there are also the Seven Guiding Principles, which are Spiritual and given by Babalon, which are not covered here, but are higher Principles which support those of Natura. They are more abstract and less practical, but govern all forces and beings in the universe - manifest and unmanifest. But the above are examples of some of the principles of Natura which we seek to live by in our actions, therefore becoming Justified in the presence of Gaia.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

Ending Flourish

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