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09 Gender Identity and LGBT Issues
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Gender Identity and LGBT issues

Baphotrans.What are the Temple's views on Gender Identity and LGBT Issues?

The Temple of Babalon is a Thelemic organization that holds the sanctity of one's Will as inviolable. This means that no free standing adult of full age may be denied their right to be as they Will to be in any regard, as long as it does not violate the free Will of another unduly. Race, gender and sexual orientation preferences in no way violate anyone else's Will unduly, and so must be ignored officially under the command of "this is none of anyone's business". Be as you Will, and fear not.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

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“Save for the contempt you have for males, gays, the transgendered, Aryans, and guys are really inclusive.”

The above complaint was lodged concerning the following writing:

"Now, in the incredibly iconoclastic and Atheistic Aeon of Aquarius, all natural and biological roles of the human animal themselves are being rejected by the people. This time not just homosexuality runs rampant but also transgendered and inter-sexual reconstructions dominate the new air-fetishes of Aquarius. There seems to be a new arms race amongst the males of humanity towards greater and greater perversions," -MPTB Book 2, Chapter 3

Response to the accusations:

There is no contempt for males in this Temple. I am male, and I am very happy to be of service in this Temple. A number of “gay” people are members of our Temple, and a FtM transgender as well. The word “Aryan” refers to the Warriors of the Aeon of Ares, and is not used in the modern sense of race which we explained plainly in the text. Aryans, or Areans, derive their name from the Aeon of Aires. That is the original meaning of the word, before any sense of white superiority was attached to it as in modern times. In either case, we are not exactly friends of either the modern Aryans and the ancient Areans. Jews, and all other monotheists - not just them - that is all you got right. "I would feed them nails and watch them bleed." That is a quote from Babalon concerning them, and I concur. "Inferior races" is nowhere on our website. A number of Temple members are not white Europeans. Your accusations are shown by the facts to be completely baseless and ridiculous, and I am not sure why you think such things.

Morality, perversion, gender choices etc in the writing from MPTB II, 3 (above):

Oh gosh, you are reading a lot of moral implications into the writing here which are not being said. And I think see the need to footnote that piece of writing now. There is nothing morally wrong with anyone's personal choices in gender or sexuality. Each Aeon since the Fall has had its fetishes, its own peculiar overreach beyond the male-female binary which is the basis of all of our existence and of nature's own state of natural procreation. In Ares it was rape and submission of the female, which begat prostitution in the cities - and I might add was a thing which was unknown in the indigenous Goddess cultures previously. In Pisces in was worship and love of the Holy child, and all guilty pleasures, which lead to a host of cathartic expressions in secret the worst of which is pedophilia (being the result of love and worship of the child Christ, combined with sexual repression). <-- Now because I have said this, or anything else, do not assume that I or this Temple think this is a good thing, or that pleasures are guilty, or anything else. I am merely informing you of one perspective concerning the enemy, and how they are guided by a very unnatural and malevolent force. We are talking beyond ideas of morality, good and evil, and observing the state of the war as it has changed over the last, in this case, 5000 years from a non-attached objective viewpoint.

And we have to get beyond that simple viewpoint because it is Babalon who enacts such a state upon Her enemies. Yes, She has had a hand in the corruption of the enemy, and fosters an inversion of their hatred towards Herself back upon their own selves and "loved ones". Consider the implications of this carefully. You may know this method as the formula given in Parsons book as "68. Who loves not hates, who hates fears, let him taste fear." This is a curse. There are many others which She has pronounced and Her children of various sorts enact for Her. What does Babalon birth in the Underworld? Well many damn things. She is the Mother not only of the Heptarchian Angels, but of a great many demons as well, amongst many other types of beings. What are the purposes of these demons one might wonder? I will give an example. If the enemy has an unnatural fear of male-on-male sexual contact, as was the case not long ago and still is to some degree, would it not benefit one to use that fear to corrupt them further from their base of power by having them become what they think they hate? Are we not on the battlefield? Is this not War and Vengeance? Is it not ironic and beautiful that in the love of their own phallus and their belief in its sole superiority that they should be brought down by that same perversion within themselves? She is very cunning, and always uses what is available and given freely. Each shall be used in their own way. None are ever refused. That is the real source of Her title as Porne, Meretrix, Whore.

These enemies have perversions within themselves - meaning from their own point of view, for example, that homosexuality is a perversion. I am not saying, and this Temple is not saying, that homosexuality is a perversion any more than oral sex is or much else. The state of perversion comes from a feeling within oneself based upon many different factors, none of which are love-based. Acts done with expressions of true love can not be perversions. There are only preferences. The enemy, however, believes that acts in and of themselves can be perversions, and that is the important point - and one place of attack for Her. It is not the only place of attack.

But that is not all. To further complicate things, the Aeons shape the course of humanity's fetishes. And at the cusp of a new Aeon, humanity often engages in reactions against the sexuality of the previous Aeons, either through suppression of those previous sexual fetishes or the breaking of the previous taboos. So therefore in Aquarius, these fetishes of power and control within humanity are changing from being based upon guilt, shame and secrecy to ones of identity and iconoclasm in the most extreme of expressions. The fetishes of Mutable Water are giving way to those of Fixed Air. Emotional stumbling blocks are breaking down under intellectual scrutiny and rebellion. This iconoclasm is even being directed against the very vehicle in which one is birthed. This observation of the state of sexuality in the people at this time is not a condemnation of those loving ones who find themselves in a state of gender dysphoria of whatever type, for whatever reason. They are important to this Temple, as all people are. We have Rites for them in their own state of being which are quite profound, in that they are traveling a path of great Transformation. So now you understand, I hope, that we are not pronouncing a moral judgment about what are perversions and what are not perversions - for that is a state of being relative to one's own Spirit and self-loathing that has nothing to do with specific sexual acts. Perversion is based upon the intention of the act being committed and not so much the act itself. This gets into Justified Will and a more Thelemic understanding of morality, and there is no room for this here. So to recap, and to hopefully not be overly simplistic, one could say that a good starting point for understanding of our use of the word perversion in the above context is to judge based upon intention of act, and not of the act itself. And do keep in mind how Babalon uses the perversions of the enemy against themselves, even in this new age with new fetishes.

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

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“In fairness, you got most of the actual doctrine (and history) pretty close to correct...too bad you tell 70% of those breathing to go screw themselves..."inferior races"...your author's words”

The above complaint was lodged concerning the following writing:

“This is one of the reasons why the Temples no longer keep the inferiors like the Ichthyos as slaves.” -Who or What is Babalon

Response to the accusations:

The Temples of the Great Liberating Mother in the past, in a reaction to the war with the Ichthyos, attempted to enslave them as a tactic against their master Yahweh. By capturing and enslaving them in Babylonia and Egypt, they thought they could weaken Yahweh and his Ichthyos. You understand what we mean by this word Ichthyos? It is pronounced Eeek'-tos by Babalon, and it is a word She uses for the Fish people, the children of Yahweh. It is not a racially based term. It is spiritually based. Jews try to make their spiritual lineage from Yahweh about race, which is a whole other issue and not one of our making. And it is not Jews alone who make up the Ichthyos. But to return, our Temple is part of the Lineage of those ancient Temples of the Great Liberating Mother, because of the Nine. In this context we were explaining why we do not keep slaves in that way anymore. Doing so bred a corruption or abomination which resulted in some of the secrets of those Temples being codified incorrectly into the Kabbalah - or what later became the Kabbalah. During the onslaught of Aires, the Temples of the Great Liberating Mother sometimes made reactionary and desperate decisions in order to survive. These decisions were sometimes short-sighted and caused more problems in the end than they helped. That is what we were trying to express with that line. The verb is definitely present tense. We no longer keep slaves in that way, it caused a great problem. We were trying to point out a mistake by the Temples of those times, and what it lead to historically. I do not think it should be seen that we are advocating slavery or some type of racism by the discussion of slavery itself in history. That is dishonest on your part.

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

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