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Slander against our Temple and Members

Patric Cyriel Alphonse Bloose the PsychopathThe Nvit-Isis facebook page is run by a disgruntled "ex-member" of Templum Babalonis who was kicked out a few years ago after a short period for his abusive behaviors and penchant for pathology and stirring up trouble. He is attempting to get "even" with Temple of Babalon by running continuous attacks on us to "BEWARE". Of course he offers no proof or evidence - only allegations. He has his friends write terrible things. He thinks you are dumb and will fall for it.

Patrick Alphonse Cyriel Bloos AKA Hapvseneb AKA Hem-netjer-tepi AKA Frater Fidens AKA Frater Ad Fontes AKA Frater Fontinelle was kicked out of Templum Babalonis within a few weeks of his joining due to the discovery of his rampant abuse of women and pathological lying. As you can plainly see, his legacy continues. He hates the Temple, which is women-run, and endeavors to do whatever he can think of to try and tear us down - mostly by posting attacks to “BEWARE” on his web site. He has a small group of online friends which help him in this regard. They take great pleasure in causing whatever trouble they can for us. He has a web page which he calls “His Temple of Nvit-Isis”, but his charter was revoked a year or so ago by the founders over his erratic and crazed behavior. We have copied the communication from the REAL Nvit-Isis to Temple of Babalon concerning his expulsion and loss of charter below.

Anyone who follows this psychopath or his online “Temple” needs to be made aware of the truth. We will protect our Temple members from his assaults. Do not stand silent and let internet bullies prevail.

Letters to Templum Babalonis from James W Lilly, Founder - Nvit-Isis Temple concerning the problem of Patrick Bloos follows:


7/18/15 1:33 am

[First letter decrying Patrick and his rogue Temple.]

Sisters and Brothers,

93! We are the original Nvit-Isis Temple founded in 1993 in Charlotte North Carolina by James and Melinda Lilly (Frater 121 and Soror Heartfire). We are no longer associated in any way with the Nvit-Isis Temple located in the Netherlands. In fact we have publically rebuked them.

When I saw the way that the Temple was treating you I thought I would write and let you know that the real Nvit-Isis Temple stands beside you in every way. I am sorry that you have been treated in this way. It is just unacceptable.

May your will be done!

93 93/93

James W Lilly

Founder - Nvit-Isis Temple Charlotte NC USA


7/18/15 10:09 am

[Our response of support.]

In Nomine Babalon James,

Thank you for your kind words. Patrick has been telling lies about us for quite some time now. His obsession with the Hagia has grown out of proportion, and now he seeks to "destroy her" because she would not submit to his advances. It is a little ridiculous. We mostly do not respond publicly, as most people know him and have seen his dark and abusive side. It is good to hear that you will be bringing the original Nvit Isis back, as opposed to the material that he now pushes. I have heard that you two have a genuine and abiding love of nature, and that always leads to a good heart.

Would you mind if we posted you email to us, below, on our page? We would also like to post links to your new pages as well, in order to help with your re-emergence.

Please let us know,



7/18/15 10:18 am

[James briefly backtracks after telling Patrick he can go his own way with the Temple. Sends Patrick the letter which Patrick claims gives him his Charter.]


93! Patrick and I had a long talk this morning and we settled our differences. You can see my letter on the new Nvit-Isis page. In the light of our conversation I don't think it would be a good idea to publish my letter so I will have to say no. However I remain neutral in the matter. I think you have a fine organization and I wish you much success. If you still would like to link my sites I would be honored but as far as the letter it is best to put it behind us.

Thanks for your reply. I am at your service always,

93 93/93



[We quietly await developments, saying nothing of this to the world. Then Jay writes us again, 3 days later.]

7/21/15 10:29 pm

I always give someone a second chance and after the years of friendship that Patrick Bloos and I shared I gave him that. But he is an absolute ass. He is ungrateful and selfish beyond description. Having found out for fact that he what told me about you was a lie I retract my objection to your publishing my letter. People need to see what he really is. I have parted ways with him and his bogus temple permanently. He has refused to change the name of his temple. After his charter revocation he refused to stop working under our name. This makes him the imposter, something he has ben calling you.

93 93/93


[Now it is clear to the world that the letter which Patrick displays was from BEFORE HIS CHARTER WAS REVOKED. He is a liar and a slanderer. He claims on his website here that he received the letter of continued work for his Temple on July 18, 2015. We have screenshot of his lie which we will post if he changes it. HE IS BUSTED. Jay revoked his charter on 7/21/15, 3 days AFTER that supposed "letter of support" was sent on 7/18/2015. He is running a rogue "temple" under a false name. He is a liar and a danger to honest seekers!]


[We respond.]

7/21/15 10:53 pm

In Nomine Babalon James,

I am sorry to hear of your continued troubles with this awful person. I will inform the Hagia of your letter, and I am sure there will be some discussion as to how to proceed at this time. I appreciate your candid honesty. We will be in touch when a decision, if any, has been made.

93 93/93

Carus Babalonis


[Letter from the Hagia follows.]

7/21/15 10:54 pm

Dear James and Melinda Lilly (Frater 121 & Soror Heartfire)

I was pleasantly surprised to learn of your return to Nvit-Isis when one of my Emissary’s brought me your communication. It has been sad indeed to see how your hard work and dedication had been so usurped, used and exploited by an insane man whose sole agenda it seems is the attempt to smear the reputation of legitimate people of our greater community, and use the name of a goddess to troll for the attention of young Pagan girls.

For too long those of us dedicated to the pursuit of the sovereignty of Will have found division rather than friendship. It gladdens me that you have sought to reclaim the dignity and reputation of your order by extending a hand to me and my fellow Ophidians. Now, rather than associate the Temple of Nvit-Isis with the ugliness of pathology, I can see the dedication and hard work of its true members. Welcome back.

Let us join our Temples in friendship as an example of how little differences matter when a people strive in what is often termed “the Great Work.” It would please me to assist you in re-establishing all that you have worked and strived for in the eyes of the public—to reclaim your name in honor rather then the shame that it has been so shrouded under for too long.

May thy Will be done.

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Hagia Aureavia


7/22/15 3.50 pm

[Final correspondence from Jay at that time concerning this business.]

93 My Friends,

Thank you both for your kindness and your support. Patrick needs to be put in his place and publishing the truth about him is a great place to start. Patrick fears that anyone should think ill of him. His Ego will not allow such things.

I wish to thank The Hagia with all of my heart for her kind message. If I can be of any assistance to either of you just let me know.

From my heart to yours,

93 93/93

Frater 121


So now you have the truth about the Nvit-Isis Facebook page. We waited a long time to publish this information. We never would have, had he not started his attacks on our Temple again. So this is what he gets for his lies. There is no charter. What Patrick displays as an agreement with Jay was revoked 3 days later! The proof is above. James and Melinda were soon-after bullied offline by Patrick and his goons. They remain off of facebook to this day. Patrick Bloos tries to thwart the Will of those who do not do his bidding. He is in violation of the very word of Thelema. Please do everything you can to stop this internet bully and abuser.

He has no real members, only facebook friends. They do not meet, they do not do ritual together, and there is no Nvit-Isis Temple. They have no teachings of their own or Initiations, he gives out "honorary memberships" and access to his private facebook group. It is a facebook temple.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

June 2016

Ending Flourish

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