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The Temple's relationship to other Occult Organizations

Regina Kahl performing the first public Gnostic mass Sunday, March 19, 1933."What is your relationship to other occult groups?”

“Do you claim legitimacy from the O.T.O. or A.A.?”

Many of our past members, and some of our present members, have belonged to the O.T.O. (Caliphate), the A.A., A.M.O.R.C., Theosophical Society, and many other occult organizations. I, myself, have been a long-standing member of the O.T.O. I was first initiated on February 29, 1992 at AC Oasis in Chicago by Tiger. That was 24 years ago. I continued my initiations and advancement in that organization throughout the 90’s, finally becoming a Body Master. I ran Sancta Meretricis Camp in Lafayette, Indiana for a short time, before my magickal life took me in a completely different direction due to some magickal breakthroughs. After some correspondence with Kenneth Grant concerning some of this, and the meeting of the Hagia soon afterwards, I followed a different path and am now mostly inactive.

Now, in spite of what some have assumed, we of Templum Babalonis in no way claim any legacy, legitimacy or connection with those other organizations. Nor do we use any secret rituals, teachings or initiatory frameworks from those organizations as well. We are independent of their pedigrees, and represent a completely different Thelemic path. However, because of our oaths in those organizations, some of us still call the members of those organizations Brother and Sister. And so we salute them on their path, and have a great respect for them in their work. We often encourage seekers in their direction, when they do not fit with what we offer as a Temple. We consider the O.T.O. and various A.A. groups as allies in Thelema, and would stand with them if their existence was ever challenged. So let all such nonsense about our opinions of these groups be settled. We welcome relationships with all groups, and will work with them on projects where possible. As Thelemites, it is none of our damned business what they do according to their own Will. We salute them.

This is why we say: “We are only one Temple. We are only one path. There are many others. Babalon is for All.”

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

Image: Regina Kahl performing the first public Gnostic mass Sunday, March 19, 1933 in Hollywood, California at the first Agape Lodge, O.T.O.

Ending Flourish

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