The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


Literally a string, or connection. A Fila is an experiential imprintation created in the Waters of the Persona by a spiritual event, energy or entity. This imprintation creates a link to the event, energy or entity that can be used again at a later date to help to reconnect with that event, energy or entity again - no matter how great the distance or time. Filas work in reverse as well, so it is important to be trained in their navigation within the Waters so that they do not become a way for entities to influence or control the Persona to a greater or lesser degree - as usually happens with the uninitiated dabblers in Heka. The principles of Filas, the Waters and their navigation is generally known within the Temple under the moniker of the Emotional Language, and constitutes one of the many great lost arts from the Ancient world housed within the Temple. Pronounced Fee-lah.

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