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Who or what is Babalon?

Babalon is a Goddess who is both a force and a being. Some deities are one or the other - few are both. But what kind of Goddess is She? She is certainly not what you have read in the books of men, or what you have been taught in these times. Babalon is the Goddess of Heka, the Goddess of the Liberation of the Spirit, the Goddess of the Underworld, the Goddess of the Liminal Point, the Warrior Goddess of Vengeance, and the Guardian of the Principles of Life. These are all very technical terms, and may not mean exactly what you think they do.

Babalon is the Goddess of Heka, which in Egyptian means that She oversees the Activation (He) of Spirit (Ka). Today, this is sometimes called Magick. But then again most things which are called Magick today are in actuality just Sorcery because they do not involve Spirit in this way. Heka is a Female principle, and the Priestesses who are dedicated to Underworld Goddesses utilize the Female body itself, the vulva, the womb and the menses, in their Rites to power their Heka. Babalon is a Goddess of Heka, and teaches the secret ways of Magick to Her devotees. The Enochian system, so-called, is one such example of this. The Triangle of Manifestation is another. She also teaches Egyptian "Magick" quite thoroughly, as She has spent much time with the people of that culture - although few would recognize Her name there. Many of the Goddesses of Heka, Guardians of Arcane Knowledge, and some of the Angels have an affinity with Babalon and work with Her in this area.

Babalon is the Goddess of the Liberation of Spirit in the form of a Serpent. One possess grand powers when the Serpent becomes manifest in the flesh. There is a great bliss when the Spirit draws close, and the body is liberated by it. Rather than pose a duality between the flesh and the Spirit like most paths do, Ophidian Thelema stresses the importance of calling down the Spirit into flesh, thereby liberating the body from the bonds of the Persona. The Persona is not destroyed, but rather put in service of the Spirit. Babalon teaches of this process, and the powers which are associated with the manifest Spirit, called Heka.

Babalon is the Goddess of the Underworld, in that She oversees the Reclamation of the remnants of life unto death, and its transformation in the Underworld. She is the Guardian of the Seven Principles which arise out of the Underworld, and which define all Spirit manifesting in matter - and therefore all life and existence as well. She is also the presiding Goddess over all of the Gates of Underworld Initiation, 28 in number. All Underworld Goddesses, Torch-bearers, Titans and Guardians of the Gates and Rivers there have an allegiance with Her in that place of darkness and transformation.

Babalon is the Goddess of the Liminal Point, that place where the Spirit enters into the manifest realms - whether it be the womb, the Underworld, the Temple Door or a living body. Her Priestesses are Liminal Gates for spirits of various sorts to enter into the manifest realms. She teaches this process to Her Priestesses, showing them the proper ways of the Triangle of Manifestation which do not involve channeling, trance-possession, drugs or the like. The sovereignty of the body of the Priestess is not defiled in such ways. She also shows how the spirits can prove their presence beyond the doubts of the minds of men through the use of dead and forgotten languages, ciphers and other means which prove their authenticity at a later time. Many of the Liminal Goddesses and Guardians such as Hekate, Pahket and Baphometis have an affinity for Babalon in this regard.

Babalon is the Warrior Goddess of Vengeance, along with Her Brother Ra Hoor Khuit. This aspect of Babalon shows Her powers of reclamation unto the Underworld for life out of balance, for the degenerate and for the unfit. It is this aspect of the Great Liberating Mother which reminds so many of Kali - and their roles are often very similar. Babalon is indeed coming for Her Vengeance upon the degenerate people, and to avenge the wrongs of the Aryans, Ichthyos and their masters. This is not something that many people want to hear. And make no mistake concerning the form of Her Vengeance. She will enact a great corruption and violence upon them, as is Her right as Guardian of Life. She is the vehicle of the Principles of the Underworld in the Manifest Realm. And it is because of this that life may have a chance to continue afterwards, in one form or another. She is certainly not a Goddess for the timid or pacifistic. Because of this, a great many Warrior Goddesses, Guardians and Angels have an affinity for Babalon in this way.

Babalon is the Guardian of the Principles of Life. This is a role that not many are aware of. When these Principles of Life are violated, then it is Her duty to set them right. This is why She has the allies that She does, with the Seven and the Nine as well as Gaia and Her children, the Titans.

Because of Her different functions, Babalon is often imagined in different forms with different symbols. Most often She is pictured in Serpentine form, which show Her connection to the Underworld and Her powers of Heka and its relation to Spirit. When Her power of Ecstatic Liberation of the Spirit is being emphasized, one will often find the Sun and Moon conjoined. When She is a Warrior and a guardian, She is often envisioned riding upon a Lion or beast of some sort, or pulled by Lions in a chariot. In this way She is sometimes pictured with a Wheel with Seven Spokes, or a Star with Seven Points. This shows Her relation to the Seven Guiding Principles of the Underworld. And finally, like many of the Underworld Goddesses and Guides, She is sometimes shown with the Torch shining bright, which is the light of Spirit which She carries in the vast darkness of the Underworld.

A note concerning Angels and their relation to Babalon: Because of the ignorance of this modern age concerning the true history of the past, it should be mentioned that the Angels do not have their origin with Christianity any more than the so-called Kabbalah does with the Ichthyos. The Ichthyos recorded and enshrined bits and pieces of information from the great temples of Babylon and Egypt when they were enslaved in those places during the Aryan times. It was out of these scraps that they concocted an imitation of the metaphysics of the great Pagan temples. This concoction only somewhat resembles the original traditions of what they call the Angels, and the system of the Angelic Realms which they call Kabbalah. This is one of the reasons why the Temples no longer keep the inferiors like the Ichthyos as slaves. It produced Abomination in this way.

Historically, Babalon is the current incarnation of the Goddess that we generally call the Great Liberating Mother. There are three main divisions of Goddesses from the Ancient times. These Goddesses ruled before the rise of Aryans 5000 years ago in the Aeon of Aries, which completely changed the nature of the Gods and the mythologies into the ones which are known today. These Ancient divisions of the Goddess divide Her between the Earth, Sky and Underworld. The Earth Goddesses were the Mother Goddesses who oversaw the birth of Spirits as humans, and their upbringing. They were later joined by the Grain Goddesses of agriculture. The Sky Goddesses were all the totems of the airs in bird form: falcons, songbirds, water-fowl and vultures. These were concerned with knowledge and decision-making for the early tribe. They granted far sight and rules for happy living, as well as guided the people with proper death rituals so that the Spirit might find its way to the Underworld. The Underworld Goddesses, the class of Goddesses to which Babalon belongs, are concerned with all things which dwell in the Underworld. The Underworld is the place of mystery to which all things return when they die and from which all things are born again. The Underworld is not the same as the Afterworld with its Shades or Heaven with its Souls. These are later degenerations based upon their interpretations of the original Underworld. Babalon as a Goddess of the Underworld, manifests in different incarnations in different times. Each of these manifestations are shaped by the Aeon into which She is born, and the culture of the place which forms Her Cult. As such, a chain of incarnations can be seen stretching back through history, marking Her places of influence upon the world. We name this chain of Her incarnations collectively as the Great Liberating Mother, for convenience’s sake. This name has appeared in the Cult Titles of many of Her incarnations. Some of Her more famous incarnations are Inanna, Astarte, Kybele, Hoor Pahkhet and Qadeshet, just to name a few.

The current incarnation of the Great Liberating Mother is known as Babalon. She has intentionally taken Her name this time as a play upon the degenerated image of Her as portrayed in the Book of Revelation, in order to enact Her revenge upon the Aryans and the Ichthyos. She is described there as "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth." When the Aryans, the warlords form the Aeon of Aries who are the fathers of all war and empire, were let loose upon the planet they sought out and destroyed much of the Goddess culture which existed before them. The Earth and Sky Goddesses were married off to their Storm Gods, like Zeus and Indra. In the same way the women on Earth likewise became chattel and property of the men of the world, used for breeding and sexual pleasure. The women who resisted and who kept their old traditions alive were the Cults of the Great Liberating Mother. They were not always successful in this. They were vilified as demons and as whores because they would not submit. Because of this, and because Her Priestesses utilize the sexual initiation of men, She has been labeled a Whore Goddess by the Ichthyos and Aryans ever since. In this way men of this time still lust for Her and seek to dominate Her at the same time, just as they still do to their women. The term Scarlet Woman has become a term of possession by men in this regard, as if such a woman is something to be owned and used by them. But they do not know the history of the Carnelian People, or what this title of Scarlet Woman means.

When you look at Babalon through the references in the Bible, or through the words of modern day men, then you are looking at Her through the eyes of the conquerors. It is no different with any conquered and extinct culture. If one were to ask the white invaders to give an account of the Indian culture in the Americas, one would of course get a very negative and biased report. They were there to exterminate those Indians and to take their land. Therefore they saw them as inferior, and reported as much to the history books. It is the same with Babalon. They call Her the Mother of Abominations, because She births the very creatures which will destroy their degeneracy on this planet. She is the enemy of their way of life, their culture which grips this planet to the point of death. They call Her a Whore because She will not submit to their sexual domination, but instead uses it to Initiate them. And they try to use Her Heka, Her Magick for their own, so that all of the petty desires of their Personas can be realized. Or so they think. For in reality, no man may use Babalon in that manner. These men will in actuality attract something quite different, which will be more than happy to imitate their desires and fill their heads with delusions of grandeur so that these entities may then feed. The world of the occult is full of such men.

The Rites and Initiations of all Underworld Goddesses include the rites of sex and death. These Rites have been the subject of much fear, loathing and lust over the past 5000 years by the Aryans and the Ichthyos. And in this time the sexuality of Babalon and Her Priestesses is emphasized so strongly now because of the degenerate age in which we live. People use Her now as a talismanic Goddess, to achieve their lusts and desires like they would some kind of demon. Men use Her to subjugate and dominate their women sexually. In this way they attempt to make their women act as their ideal fantasy, calling them Babalon and praising them as a reward for pleasing their penis. This is why they insist that She is a whore - their whore. And because She is theirs, then She is Holy. But only because they think that She is doing something for them, for their Persona. In reaction to this, women use Babalon and Her image to increase their self esteem, and to gain the attention of men. They will act in a sexual manner which they think imitates the man’s idea of Babalon, and thereby lose their own identity and sexuality in the process, truly becoming whores.

Many women claim to be the incarnation of Babalon in the flesh. Babalon does not manifest in this way, nor do any of the Gods and Goddesses. This grandiose claim is simply a result of the mass narcissism of the modern era. There are countless people who claim that they are gods and goddesses now, thanks to Crowley and his nonsensical claim that "There is no god but man." No more false words have ever been spoken in history. The people of this planet are all terribly, irrevocably, fatally mortal. Only the egos of their Personas in a degenerate age could dare to enact such cognitive dissonance as to say I am a God, while everything about their existence is transient, self-absorbed and trivial. Only a Persona high on drugs could envision such a false reality. No human is Babalon, but She does have Daughters who do incarnate. And these amazing women have some of the memories of their previous incarnations, and are therefore able to prove their identities. But still though they have extraordinary abilities, and they have a matrilineal connection to Babalon throughout time, they are not gods.

For a more extensive exposition of Babalon and the History of the Great Liberating Mother, please see Book II Chapter 2 and 3 of the Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis.

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