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Book I: Prosapia
The Axiomata of the Ophidian Lineage

  Chapter 5: On the Nature of Babalon

Book II: Principia
The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

  Chapter 5: The Nature of the World Soul II
  Chapter 6: The Priestesses of Heka
  Chapter 7: The Ordeals of Underworld
  Chapter 8: The Principles of the
                      Great Liberating Mother
  Chapter 9: The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

Book III: Natura
The Customs of the Ophidian Indigene

Book IV: Commentaria
The Account of Ophidian Proclamations

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Book V: Heka
The Rituals of the Temple.

(To remain mostly unpublished.)

Book VI: Liber Spirituum
The Records of the Spirits.

(To remain unpublished.)

The Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis

Book II - Principia

The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

Also known as: The Principles


Chapter 3 - The Great Liberating Mother: Part II

Matricide and the Fall

"Men-neh-for-tay-kah-may-cor-bohn-nay-tee-gay-day-sook Leet-anya-por-nah-see-hee-bohn-nay-gay-teh–vuh-teh-may-anya-bohd-day. Such words were once spoken, but the language is dead – but the sentiments are the same. We will take back what is ours."1

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The Aryans, those conquering warrior men of the Aeon of the War God Aries, first appear in the historical record in the middle-end of the Aeon of Taurus. They came like a flash and a storm on their horses, streaming out of what are today the Russian lands. They moved into Eastern Europe, the heart of the old Goddess country, laying waste to whomever and whatever lay in their path. The people fell easily to their onslaught as, surprisingly perhaps from a modern perspective, war was as yet unknown to humanity in its long history. These sons of the War Gods exhibited a technological advantage with their new weapons of bronze, and use of the horse in warfare. They were as fast and far-ranging as they were deadly. All across the Ancient World in the archeological record new evolutionary developments occur at cities, towns and established settlements. Walls appear. Battlements are built. Fortifications are introduced. Previously weapons were mostly used for hunting, or as tools of personal defense, or to ceremonially show stations of importance in the community. They were often buried with their owners in this regard. But now weapons of war appear in great numbers in the historical record. Some new, brutal, violent force was transforming civilization in ways never seen previously in hundreds of thousands of years of human culture.

The War Gods had arrived. They paraded on their horses in processional triumph after their bloody victories. They worshipped Gods of Storms and Violence with blood sacrifices. And they particularly took a delight in torturing the Goddess and Her Priestesses in Her Temples. For Aries, also called Mars, was a wrathful and jealous god of cruelty and control.

Rape and pillage were the tools of choice. The servants of war and death would ride into a village or town, usually as a small band of warriors, and storm the Temple of the Goddess there. The Priestesses and their few guardians, the Sons of the Goddess, were no match for these new horse-bound warriors. They were viscous like wolves, one of their totems, and had no care for the ways of the Goddess. The Priestesses were raped, tortured and killed. Their Temples were defiled, and the grain taken by the Aryans for their sustenance until the next raid. Sometimes they settled in these new lands. When they did so, they established themselves as the new "nobility" of the land and directed the peasants to grow food for them as their Kings, under punishment of torture and death. Those who would not comply were hoisted high on pikes for all to see, as a warning.

Perseus slaying Medusa, who is an Ophidian Guardian, Marqueste 1903The Aryans from the beginning were a reactionary and jealous people. They were particularly jealous of the Great Mother, and the hold She had over the people. They could not understand why the people followed Her. She was not brutal or vicious. She seemed to have no physical power as they did, and She did not rely on fear and violence as a motivating tool. Therefore they reasoned that Her power over the people must then rely on something devious, cunning and treacherous - some kind of trick. Perhaps She beguiled the people, and tricked them into following Her. And certainly She must be seducing the men to their own doom.

These warlords were brutal and base men, yet they had a nose for power. Even though they were ignorant of its true nature and source, they could see the power that the Goddesses possessed and they wanted it for their own. But power is not in men’s destiny to wield. For as the Hagia says, "They always seek power but they can never possess it - they can only exercise control." For power, life, comes from the Spirit - not from men2. So these warlords married the various incarnations of the Mother Goddess off to their presiding Storm Gods in the new mythologies which still stand to this day. In doing so they attempted to possess the power of the Goddess through sexual domination and control of woman, both in the Heavens and upon the Earth.

The Storm God Zeus with Lightning fighting Typhon, an Ophidian Guardian of the Underworld and member of the Brotherhood, c. 550 BCEThese new Storm Gods with their warrior-hero sons appeared almost simultaneously in the myths of the Ancient World and Near East, from Greece to India. Their names are numerous, and their myths are almost universally the same. Zeus and Ares. Jupiter and Mars. Odin and Thor. These were the Storm Gods, with their vengeful bolts of lightening and thunderclaps like Indra. They had warrior sons, hero sons, who slew the monsters of old who threatened their new order. The so-called heroes, the warrior sons, still survive in our patriarchal history with names such as Hercules, Perseus and Jason. They are still lauded as the slayers of those wretched monsters of old, the Titans, the sons and daughters of Gaia from the previous Aeons now demonized.

Thus the old myths died, and the new myths of the so-called Classical Age were born. The Grain Goddesses were kept as slaves, now married off to the Gods of the warlords. These newly-wed Goddesses were made legitimate property of the new nobility and their courts, in the Heavens as well as in the Temples, which were closely overseen by the warlords and their men. Their Temples and their bounty of Grain were also closely kept in check for the warlords’ own use. The Mother Goddesses and their behaviors were re-envisioned in the new mythologies. Now we find Goddesses like Hera in prominent positions as the sometimes reluctant, but ultimately yielding Wife who reinforces the idea of women’s obedience to men just as she is obedient to Zeus, the All-Father. The warrior goddesses, death goddesses and Underworld goddesses were now demonized, ridiculed and outcast from the new culture. They were allowed absolutely no place in the new power structures, and almost vanish from written histories of the conquerors. Yet so powerful were these warrior Goddesses of old that it would take even more than all of the mighty armies of Aries to defeat them. For their Temples would not be fully extinguished until well into the establishment of Pisces, which finally banished the memory of the Divine Feminine and Paganism in almost any form from the face of the Earth.

Ram-horned Jupiter Ammon, 1st Century CEIt is interesting to note that none of this would have been possible for the Aryans and their Storm Gods, but for the grains of agriculture. This is what provided them the ability to conquer, control and enslave others to do the honest work of living for them. In this way they could live in luxury at the expense of others. In this way they could travel from village to village, pillaging the villagers’ hard-earned reserves for themselves and thereby "finance" their future attacks. These warlords were the first Imperialists, the first conquerors of the tribes and people, forging nations of control and ownership from the early agricultural centers. And their institutions and philosophies still drive the world and its wars to this very day in the same manner as it did then.

Now early on in humanity’s switch from tribal living to an agricultural society it became evident that the crops needed lots of rain for their proper growth. If there was no rain, then the crops would fail and there would be famine, since all of society now depended on this grain - both the people and their animals. So the Gods of Rain became the focus of the people. These Rain Gods were also the Fertility Gods, like Osiris and Tammuz in their original forms. It was imagined that they fertilized the land, without which it would lie barren. This belief led quickly to the notion that the barren female also needed to be fertilized by the male seed. And it was in this way that the males and their Gods rose to prominence, through the worship of these Rain Gods. The desperation for rain, essential for the new agriculture, led to greater and greater acts of sacrifice to these gods, growing their power unnaturally. Soon their power grew out of balance, and the Storm Gods were born - hungry for more power.

This new and brutal way of life which was forced upon the people by the minions of the Storm Gods was disgusting to the followers of the Goddess. Yet in point of fact they were wholly unprepared to meet the force and violence of the Aryans with any of their own. So it quickly became apparent that they had no choice but to succumb to this new way of living, even though this meant being relegated to a life of sexual ownership and slavery. These Goddess cultures were the very first of the indigenous people to succumb to empire in human history. As for the Aryans, they quickly surmised which techniques of subversion and control worked best, and continued to improve upon them over time, as they still do to this day. The technology race had begun for humanity in earnest, driven then as it is now by war. The fate of the Goddess worshippers and their leadership through hundreds of thousands of years of human history and evolution was sealed.

Roman Mars, LouvreThe Aryans were as wise to the technology of tyranny and control, as they were completely ignorant of Spirit - its purpose, its presence and its understanding. They did not understand, or care to understand, the wisdom of the Priestesses and the Lineage from their Goddesses. They only cared for power, and the indulgence of their lust for it. Might made right, to these men. Lex Talionis was the rule. Anything else was trickery to them. And they were immensely jealous of the power of the Goddess and Her Priestesses. But this power they envied was in actuality no trickery. It was the power which was mirrored in the creation of life in their own wombs. It was the power which drove the sacred rituals of incarnation of Spirit into matter in all of its forms, and by which spirits could become manifest in the physical, thereby giving of their knowledge and conversation.

However, the warlords could understand none of this. They could only see the outcome of the reproduction process and the people’s veneration of fertility in that regard. So the warlords sought to control this female power by emphasizing the role of the sperm in creation through their new mythologies. The sperm of man was declared holy, mystic, and the carrier of life and spirit. Therefore it was a powerful substance which magically could affect change in the material world through sorcery and ritual. The sperm of man was remade as Light, Life, Logos and Divine Spark. The body of woman was now empty, fallow and powerless, no more than a talisman, a matrix for men to work their sorcery of power and control on in their yearnings for Persona empowerment and world domination. The phallus was now worshipped as the ultimate symbol of power, in myth, in ritual and in architecture. The penis became the Holy Sun, and its life-giving rays the sperm. The womb was merely the empty Moon now, reflecting the light of the Sun.3

The male bloodlines were made into the reigns of royal control. The spiritual Lineage of the Priestesses was suppressed. The importance of sons, especially the first-born, the first seed, came to dominate the new lineage. This sponsorship of the sons became the mechanism of Aryan control down through the generations. Bloodlines which were previously Matriarchal now became Patriarchal, as they are today. And the entire process of creation itself was rewritten in their mythologies to show how the miracle of incarnation was accomplished by the virtue of life-giving sperm, a seed of light which was cast into the empty and void vessel of the womb. The women had now been reduced to hollow breeders for the new Aryan empires, no different than the animals they bred and kept in pens.

New morals and new laws were established by the thousands, across all of the new territories and empires. The new feudal societies created much conflict, violence and upset because of vast inequality - all of which caused the kings to attempt to make laws for almost any conceivable situation. A person no longer followed their Waters and their spiritual impulses in order to know what a right action was, rather they followed the laws and edicts of the king in their area, regardless of any spiritual implications. And in this way many of the new moral laws of this Patriarchy were almost exclusively concerned with the proper conduct of women as designated by their owners. In many cases the women now had to suffer as property of the men. They decided in exquisite detail just what was allowed for a woman to do in any area of her life, and what the punishments were for disobeying the edicts of the men.

In place of the Three Sacred Bloods of the Priestesses these tyrants fostered the blood of sacrifice. Sometimes human sacrifice was used, especially against enemies and traitors to instill fear and control - but most often sacrifice was of the animal variety. Now the ritual slaughtering of animals for food has a long history with humanity. It is proper and justified to acknowledge the Spirit of the animal as you take its life, so that your own may continue. It is proper and justified, as a predator animal, that this be done with no cruelty and malice. For it is a true realization that you, yourself, will also one day perish so that other creatures too may feed upon your body.

Yet the Aryans lusted for the power of the Goddess, the Power of Life and Death. So they sacrificed and sacrificed and sacrificed, so much so that it became the basis of their new religion. They believed that the sacrifice was a new coin, a new bargaining piece with which they could purchase what they wanted from the Gods and the spirits. The act of ritual sacrifice was thought to empower their Personas. The Aryans were nothing, if not excellent, at misunderstanding the Justified Ways of Spirit. Because of this they were and are the authors of all modern Spiritual Degeneration, most of which is still passed off as "magical teachings" in books even to this day.

Greek sacrifice c. 500 BCE, LouvreLet us, the Ophidians, assure you that the spirits of Gaia, the so-called Elementals, the Angels and the company of old Gods do not demand aught in sacrifice. There was culling of the infirm or unfit by the Priestesses, under the guidance of the Great Liberating Mother, to be sure. But these things were not done by the Priestesses in order to cultivate power for themselves, but rather to cultivate the Bounty of Fortuna for the people, for their tribe, and for the continued Harmonia of Natura. Sacrifices are made regularly in Ophidia to this day. But these ritual slaughterings for our food are done in a way in which the life of the animal we have raised and cared for is honored, for it is they who make the sacrifice so that we might live another day. And the shades of our animals are entreated to stay as guardians of Ophidia and those who dwell here, as we were to them when they were living and under our care. Our spirits and spiritual allies do not demand the blood of our animals in sacrifice.

But there are spirits who do demand sacrifice, and suffering, and pain, and debauchery, and corruption as their payment. And these are the spirits, the demons, that the Aryans fed in their frenzy of blood-lust, conquering, rape and torture. They would invoke their Gods of War aloud, as they cut the throats of their enemies. They would feed the life force of their animals to their Gods as they slit their throats. They ritually invoked their masters in all their acts of violence and malice. They were so efficient at what they did that many new spirits were given much power by countless sacrifices of life - so much so that these new demons soon established themselves as demi-gods in their own right.

These new demi-gods of power-lust warred with each other for supremacy in the ancient world, and one tribe of people in particular, the Ichthyos, were more cunning and devilish than all the rest. Their God, at this time called Yahweh, warred with all the other Storm Gods in an attempt to forge something new: one king over all of the other kings. This would become what is now known as monotheism, with Yahweh alone at its apex. It would take him over two thousand years to achieve victory, but he was a jealous and vengeful god - more so than all the rest. And his might was supported by a new-found religious fervor fed by those who sacrificed to him, and whom he fed back with lust of power and control. His rabid tribe of followers greedily enforced his will for their own gain as well as his. And it was these traits, and his ability to usurp the cults and mythologies of other Storm Gods, which would eventually lead this demon to supremacy over most of the planet.

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"The greatest enemy who seeks my destruction is the one, you say Yahweh. What you call demons, work for him. That’s why they answer to his name. He commands them. He does not command the Angels. They don’t serve him. But the demons do. He feeds them."4

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It was decreed that women should never rule again. Their blood was no longer considered holy, rather they were now unclean creatures, especially when menstruating. They were to never remember their once proud position of leadership amongst the people. And they were dangerous and cunning too, so it was best to keep them as stupid and uneducated as possible. They were ultimately seen only as an ugly necessity for carrying on the man’s bloodline, and strict rules were put in place so that they would never again see themselves as anything but servants and slaves to their new masters. And this philosophy continues more or less to this very day.5

The Serpent and the Egg.The Sacred Bloods of the Goddess, three in number, were defiled, subjugated, banished and demonized. When the Mother Goddess stated that "the Spirit resides in the Blood", She was speaking of that most sacred Temple of the Womb and its menstrual function for Life. When they speak of what they now call "the Great House of God", the womb, the Mystery of Mysteries - what they are really speaking of are the Eggs which reside there, and the Mystery of Incarnation. For it is within the power of these Eggs wrapped by the Serpent to indwell a Spirit into manifest life. The Blood of Life, the Blood of Menstruation either feeds this new life, or sheds the unused, precious egg away according to the lunar cycles. This process, however misunderstood, is the source of all original Heka, sorcery and philosophy whatsoever.

Now the Aryans feared and misunderstood this Blood Power of the Goddess more than anything else, which is why it came to be demonized more strongly than any other mystery of the Divine Feminine. They admonished their new female subjects that their bodies were unclean during menstruation, and that they were not to be touched by "holy men" for any reason, ever. The fact that the Spirit resides in the Blood was cunningly changed to that of a different blood, namely the heart and veins. In this way the new teachings showed that the Spirit of the animal or person resides in the blood which flows through the veins of the body. And out of this degeneration the whole host of religious, cultural and magical misunderstandings of the modern world flow, from kosher food preparation and the supposed power of animal sacrifice to so-called talismanic magick and Western Tantric practices of modern Thelemic organizations. In this way the degeneracy continues and grows.

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But to return to our Aryan conquerors, it must also be noted that outside of the realm of violence and control, they had little to no originality. And so in this way they copied what they did not understand, changing things to fit their appetites. The architecture of the Temples of the Great Liberating Mother were copied and expanded upon. They were made even larger, more massive, more impressively epic with each succeeding empire in the Aeon - from Mesopotamia and Egypt, to Greece, Persia and Rome. The sacrifices stained the altars of these temples, pouring out the lifeblood of countless animals and even some humans in order to feed the power of their demi-gods in their temples. In the Cardinal Fire of Aries, the sacrifice within the physical temple was used as an exchange to gather the power of Spirit for their own to use, or so they thought. Out of this power, Pharaohs, Kings and Emperors were born, and declared like unto Gods themselves. Upon their deaths, cults and temples were established for them, so that their Personas could receive sacrifices and grow in power as shades in the afterlife. In this way they sought to surpass the legends that they had heard of the true Deified Genii, the greatest of the servants of the Goddess of old.

A collection of Roman Luck Phalli which were ubiquitous in their cities and homes.The conquerors brought new pass-times to the people, as their station in life afforded them much leisure without purpose - which is abomination to life and bounty. Gambling, sport and chance came to prominence. These activities were the war-games of warriors, used to pass time between battles. Fortuna, the Goddess of Bounty, the Goddess of the fortune of a life lived according to one’s destiny of their Spirit, had now degenerated in the eyes of the Patriarchs into a Goddess of simple Luck. Fortune smiled upon the brave, or upon the daring, they imagined. Bounty was no longer something one achieved through hard work and pursuit of one’s spiritual destiny, but rather it was now a gift which was afforded to you like luck. The Gods themselves now bestowed luck, not bounty and fortune, for those who made the proper sacrifice to them. The horn of plenty now became a simple talisman of luck. Spirit had now fully become superstition. Heka had been traded for sorcery and personal gain, then as it is now.

It should be noted that the myths of the Storm Gods with their warrior sons were not entirely original, and like usual mimicked the old ways from the time of the Goddess. Ra, or to use one of his Egyptian cult titles, Papa, is the visible, fiery source of light and life in our corner of the galaxy. In Ancient times He would often incarnate in the same manner as the Goddess. These incarnations of the Sun, of Ra, were recorded under various names in various eras throughout Egyptian history, such as Hu-Khar-Ra, Oh-Bha-deet and Noor-Bora-Mantu Khan-ta. The Warrior Goddesses, the wise ones of the Underworld who were established as Guardians over the sanctity of Life, were Ra’s Daughters. In Egypt, these were the Goddesses from pre-Aryan times such as Hathoor, Pakhet, Sekhmet and the like. Their cult names always included the title "Daughter of Ra", in Egyptian. And being the Guardians that they were and are, they therefore possessed great powers of Protection and Destruction. The Daughters would often have a single Brother, the incarnation of the Sun for that Era, later known as a Hoor or Heru, depending upon the purpose. He is collectively called Horus today, but that is a degenerated understanding of the purpose of the original Incarnation of the Sun. In the current Aeon of today, that of Aquarius, this incarnation of the Sun is the great God of War and Vengeance Ra Hoor Khuit. He has kept his Egyptian name in this time. He rules with his Sister, a Daughter of Ra, who chooses to be called Babalon today but whose Egyptian name from Her previous incarnation is not lost from the historical record.6

Sekhmet, one of the Daughters of Ra.Now these Cults of the Daughters of Ra, the Daughters of Fortitude, were very powerful, having reestablished their strength during their reign in the Aeon of Taurus. They commanded such a spiritual presence in the body of the Priestesses within their Temples that they were not so easily uprooted from their places of power within society. In Aries, the Cults of the Great Liberating Mother struck back against the weapons and cruelty of the new empire of the War Gods with cunning political maneuvers within the newly established courts of the Kings and Pharaohs. It was here where the new power was dispensed to the people, no longer in the form of grain so much as in the form of minted coin of gold, the symbol of the Sun.

The Priestesses were so successful with their politics that entire swaths of Patriarchal religious systems were in danger of being undermined by their guile. For the women of the Goddess understood the power of sexual imprintation, and the effects of pitting man against man, dividing and conquering their enemy from within. They learned to breed and control men in their Temples and then to raise them to political prominence so as to have influence in the power structures of the day. Gods like Dionysus were born as new Sons of the Goddess, and used to infiltrate and corrupt the Patriarchal Empires. Other Goddess cults such as Baba in Mesopotamia sought to de-possess the men, rightly thinking in some ways that demons had come to control the men of their day. Cults, like that of Kybele whipped the men into a frenzy of devotion, and utilized castration as an attempt to strike back at the heart of their perceived power - the phallus. An uneasy balance of sorts was thus struck by the Goddess Cults, albeit in a reactionary sense, with the result that some of their institutions were able to survive without being completely destroyed. Yet at the same time they fell more and more under the influence of the Patriarchal empires which now dominated the history of humanity.

Ramesses II with red hair.Now the first of the great empires of the War Gods developed in Egypt, in the heart of one of the greatest places of Spirit for the Great Liberating Mother in history. The Carnelian People, with their flowing red hair, had traveled down from Europe ages before to establish the wonders of Egyptian civilization.7 They were the original Priestesses of that culture, the Scarlet Women of Egypt. But now, the children of the Carnelian People finally succumbed to the cruel zeitgeist of Aries. And even as one of the greatest dynasties spread Egypt’s empire to its farthest reaches in the heart of the Aryan Aeon, the hair of the Ramessides still flowed red with the influence of their Goddess worshipping ancestors. And their technological innovation of the chariot in battle, based upon the Wheel of the Goddess, gave them supremacy over their neighbors and assured their victory.

The Egyptian culture went through many phases which lasted many Aeons, and covered well over five thousand years of empire and twelve thousand years history before their final collapse in the face of the closing of the Aeon of Aries. And in that time they influenced all other civilizations and spiritualities that followed. In the near-east, the Great Liberating Mother still reigned in Anatolia under the guise of Kybele, also known as Magna Mater or the Great Mother, and would do so until the fall of Aries. She also held power in Mesopotamia in many of the cultures which rose and fell there, the last of which being in the city of Babylon itself, where She ruled as Astarte in the City of Seven Gates, Ka Dingir Ra, Babu-ilum, the Gate of the God. This describes Her liminal powers and the role of Her Priestesses perfectly. Her rule there was cut short by the invasion of the Amorites from the desert lands, an Ichthyos people who sought to replace Her prominence in the city with that of their warrior god Marduk.8

The Turkomans, as Babalon calls them, arose next out of Northern Anatolia. These people are today known as the Hittites and their ilk. They were a fierce, totalitarian people who despised the female and Her power. Their influence eventually gave way centuries later to the Persians themselves, who did battle against the Greeks, who in turn were supplanted by the Romans. Countless other Warrior Gods and their followers rose to prominence, and countless others fell in due time. Such was the wretched landscape of tyranny and terror, of shifting allegiances and unstable empires, that the Goddess Cults of old had to traverse in order to preserve their traditions.

Over the course of this Aeon of the Ram the status of women in these varying societies was completely regulated, usually by rules of ownership. Subservience to the man of the house, to the husband, to the father, was the norm. Those who would not comply were tortured, raped and outcast from society. Their only recourse then was to sell themselves in a new "profession" as prostitutes to the patriarchs, enduring whatever predilections that the brutal men so desired of them. There were no prostitutes in the old tribes of the Goddess. There was no degradation of the female Spirit through ownership, subservience and sexual slavery. There was no shame in those earlier times of the Goddess fostered upon a woman for being as independent as a man now is, and for her having her own sexual appetites.

Yet such was the fear of the power of woman in the Aeon of Aries, that they attempted to wipe all traces of Her power from the face of the Earth. New behaviors and taboos were established concerning her body, and her womanhood. Piety was introduced across all the empires - which mainly involved the regulation and suppression of the magical powers of the female through psychological and behavioral conditioning. The most powerful of the three female bloods became the most feared. The menstrual cycle was vilified as something impure, evil and which fed evil spirits. Many instructions of the day teach that in order for a man to begin a spiritual act, he must refrain from sullying himself within the vulva of a woman, especially if she is menstruating. The Jews even went so far as to isolate their menstruating women in special buildings so as not to become contaminated by their foul presence.

And it was these Jews, these Hebrews, who dominated the history of the fall of Aries - even as today they still blow the horn of the Ram, the very totem of their triumph in that Aeon.

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The lust for power in the Persona and its fulfillment in the manifest realms is always accompanied by unexpected results, and unexpected companions. Whether it is an individual who seeks to overturn the order of things for their own self-advancement, or a tribe or culture which seeks out dominion over others for its own sake - it makes little difference. The act of putting the appetites and desires of the Persona over Spirit, no matter what the underlying psychological reasons and rationalizations of the individuals are, opens doorways within the individual to spiritual companions of a decidedly unhelpful nature. These denizens of corruption seek out any portal of influence which might exist, any opening in the appetites which live within the Waters and the Fires. In this way these malicious denizens are no different than a virus seeking to infect a host, attempting to breach the defenses of the body. And when these dark denizens succeed, the host rarely realizes that some of their impulses and thoughts are not their own, so subtly are they manipulated.

And so it happened for the Aryans. The warlords of empire sought the power of nature, and therefore the power of woman, for themselves. They sought to re-order their world according to their own design, and according to their own intellect, in opposition to the Will of Gaia. They still gave honor to some of the old Gods, but now with society under their command the old myths were arranged in a new order, with new rationalizations. The warrior conquerors felt the pull of the power of these new dark companions which lurked within their psyches and tempted them with dreams to become like Gods themselves. The Pharaohs, Kings and Emperors instituted sacrifices and worship for themselves, which continued after their deaths in an attempt to make their Personas immortal, god-like, and deified. Not in their wildest dreams did they seek to unmake nature itself, and to despiritualize it throughout the world. They still knew at this time that such a thing would mean the end of life, itself. Yet in their bid to gather the forces of the manifest realm for the power of their Personas, that is exactly what they laid the groundwork for in the Aeons to come.

The hoards of unwashed desert Semites in Arabia and the Near-East had always posed a problem for the surrounding Pagan cultures throughout the Aeon of Aries. Whether it was the Sea People throwing Greece into a dark age, the Amorites usurpation of Babylon, or the Hyksos invasions of Egypt, these Ichthyos tribes were as chaotic and crazed in their destruction as the warlords of empire were vengeful and disciplined. The earliest Semitic Pagan tribes on the Arabian Peninsula practiced human sacrifice, usually of the young female variety, at a maddening pace. These early Arabs fed a blood-lust which would only be surpassed by the later cultures of the Incas and Aztecs in the Americas. This reciprocating blood-lust can still be seen in the frenzied devotion to their chief God Allah today, who originally was one among a very many gods that they worshipped in the desert. In the same way that Allah rose to prominence through conquering and blood sacrifice in his name, so too at a much earlier date did Yahweh rise to prominence above and beyond all of the other Hebrew deities, amalgamating their functions as his tribe conquered the others.

It is interesting to note that the cults which have most employed human sacrifice throughout history - Semitic, Incan, Aztec, Christian (with Christ as the ultimate human sacrifice to end all others) - invariably are also the most messianic and apocalyptic cultures as well. The Pagans in their nature-based religions never dance with an idea of the end of all things. Nature, life and existence itself is a continuum to them, a spiral, a circle. There is no need for personal immortality, as that is not nature’s way or intention. Life always creates more life, by means of death. Death, renewal and rebirth are the ways of the Goddess. Only Spirit is deathless. All other things begin and end in the endless continuum of existence, which feeds all future life and is the thing in fact which gives all life its meaning.

But with the advent of the lust of power engendered by the warlords, and the quest for the immortality of the self, the Persona grew in importance within culture, myth and society. And so too did the abomination of monotheism. These self-empowered seekers strived for one gender ruling over the other, one King ruling over all people. They strived for one truth over all other truths, one self over all other things, one God over all other Gods and one word from that one God to end all other words. "My prophet is a fool with his one, one, one."9

In positing themselves, their Personas, as the sole truth, the sole godhead against the vast infinity of all other life, they in fact created an isolation of themselves against the natural matrix of nature, a cutting off of their Personas from life and Spirit. An Abyss was created. And an apocalyptic mentality ensued. They had made themselves believe that they were like unto a god - deathless. Yet it was untrue, for they in fact were going to die. Hence the apocalypse, or failure of their Persona's bid for immortality. In fact, all of humanities so-called technological progress today is nothing more than a bid "to reach the stars", for the sake of their own immortality - no matter the cost to any one else or any thing else in the process. Damn the Earth, their Mother. Let Her burn if it means they might achieve the immortality of their Personas.

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The fall of an Aeon does not happen quickly or with any one event. Rather the fall of an Aeon is often a messy affair that can take many centuries to sort out, as new paradigms vie for influence over the old. Often these long periods of social and cultural upheaval are accompanied by a syncretism in the underlying mystical philosophies of the Aeon. Seeming diverse and divergent symbols often become mixed together, synthesized or amalgamated. Rationalizations and integrations of magical currents and religious traditions become the norm. Old symbols are sometimes demonized, sometimes transformed and re-appropriated, and most often are simply misunderstood and degenerated by the cultures who do not share the experiences and values of the originators of those traditions.

Mithras slaying the Bull of Heaven.In this way one can see how the Great Bull of Taurus was vilified by the Hebrews in the Aeon of Aries as the image of the Golden Calf. These Ichthyos assumed that the great Pagan cultures before them were worshipping the idol of a bull as a thing of power in itself, like frenzied people involved in some sort of crazed superstition centered on the object of a bovine idol. The Ichthyos of course remained oblivious to the nature of Spirit which the image of the Bull represented for the Goddess in the image of the Womb. Never-the-less, this is but one example of how the degeneration of Spirit takes place through the Aeons. Near the end of Aries we find the Cult of Mithras spreading far and fast out of Persia. The followers of this all-male cult depict their god Mithras slaying the Bull of Heaven as their primary icon. In this image they proclaim the violent conquering of the old power of the Goddess as the Bull with their new god Mithras. And with the early christians we find them organizing themselves into flocks of followers, under the image of the Lamb, now transformed into a kinder and gentler form of the Ram of Aries.

And so the might of Aries began to give way to new philosophies. Instead of might being right, piety was now envied in Rome under Augustus. The fiery sacrifices of the warlords gave way to a new God with one final sacrifice to end all sacrifices on the cross. Baptisms rose to prominence with the coming of the new watery Aeon of Pisces. This cleansing by the waters of Baptism was used as a means to wash away these new watery influences of Pisces which came in the forms of guilt, sin and shame. Amongst the new christians a new trinity was formed to replace the Goddess trinities of old. The Father God and his Hero Son, now a Savior Son, were retained from Aryan trinity of King Father, Loyal Wife and Hero Son. But now in the place of the image of the Wife-Goddess the christians established instead the "Holy Ghost" or "Holy Spirit". The Trinity which had originally been completely female was now completely male, wiping any memory of the Divine Feminine clean away. The attack upon Nature Herself soon followed after the final death of the Goddess - an attack which is dangerously close to being completed today with the help of so-called Science. And in this attack upon Nature the chrisitans blame Her for all their ills, cursing Her name. Yet it is their own separation from Her which in fact causes these ills.

The rise of christianity and the fall of Paganism is already well documented in the extreme. In a mere 300 years the totality of the Pagan cults were driven from the history books and their Temple fires extinguished. The Ichthyos had won the battle for supremacy, and inherited the Roman Empire in the process. But it should be noted they did not overcome the might of the Aryan empire with the power of war - for that would not have been possible. Rather they overcame the empire from the inside of their own territory and from the ground up, corrupting and converting first the slaves, the down-trodden and the hopeless with a promise of a better afterlife. They corrupted the weakest and the most hopeless of the people with a promise of immortality for their Persona.

Pisces is a treacherous and slippery sign. It is duplicitous like Gemini, which is why there are two fish in its symbol and not one. The fish flash beneath the surface of the Waters, transforming from one image to another, never ceasing, always shifting. The hallmark of this Piscean duplicitousness is an extraordinary ability to lie, and then believe one’s own lie with so much enthusiasm that others never doubt your sincerity. This power of belief, of feeling in your Waters that something is so true, even when facts appear to be to the contrary, became the basis for an entire new paradigm. We call this a "belief system" today, as if it had always been a hallmark religion in general throughout time - but it has not. Most indigenous and Pagan religions are based upon experiential traditions of the tribe which in themselves give them identity and meaning, while at the same time guiding them with the profound wisdom of experience. The Living Traditions of Spirit and its interaction with the tribe guide their destinies. But now the rich cultural traditions of old where replaced with a new system of blind obedience and belief. If the subject would not comply with the new paradigm, then they would be compelled as in the Aeon before with the threat of torture and death. But to this terrible punishment the Fish People added another threat, an emotional and watery threat of fear - that of the eternal damnation of their "soul".

Pisces is a very domineering sign, but always with the illusion of helpfulness, of concern, and most of all love. The leaders of this new Aeon of the Fish presented themselves as shepherds who presided over their flocks. They portrayed themselves as caring leaders who only possessed their position of authority for the good of their subjects who would have been lost without them. Guilt and shame are the tools they used to keep this new flock of believers in compliance. And along with this guilt and shame they presented a new fear with which to command the people: the fear of eternal damnation. Violent punishment in this life was no longer enough - now one would be violently punished for all eternity, in the most horrific ways imaginable, if one did not conform to the new paradigm of the Fish God. The Underworld of the Goddess was now remade into the fiery pit of Hell of the christians. And many of the old Gods - the old foes of Yahweh - were now locked up tight in this Hell as demons whose sole existence was now dedicated to the torture of the unbelievers and the sinners.

But there was one more Piscean trick in their bag, and the most effective one of all. They claimed that all of this was being done by an effeminate God of Love, who wanted nothing more than to be their savior. For Love would conquer all. And all you had to do to achieve this miraculous salvation in the next world and to achieve immortality for one’s own Persona was to "believe in him". All you had to do was to give your "soul" to Yahweh, and to accept his Son in its place. They had masterfully pitted the Persona against the Spirit, with immortality hanging in the balance. Love and salvation were the final weapons in the arsenal of this new paradigm. And the people, long abused by the Storm Gods and their cruel minions, easily fell to the Ichthyos.

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Satan holds court in hell, Gustave Doré.While blood sacrifice and bargains with the Gods were the basis for the magick in Aries, demonology of one sort or another became almost the sole form of magick practiced for most of the Aeon of Pisces. And this demonology continues to dominate the so-called magick of today. Countless manuals of demonic sorcery survive from this early period of syncretism during the fall of the Ram and the rise of the Fish. These manuals contain spells of power which attempted to show that all of the powers of the celestial spheres, all the great gods and spirits of the myths of the past, could be used for one’s own personal gain. These once mighty spirits were now the victims for the gratification of the desires and appetites of the Persona. Whether it was seducing the neighbors wife or the finding of buried treasures made no difference. For in this way the richness of Spirit and purpose of one’s existence had degenerated there at the beginning of Pisces, just as it is now in the Atheism of Aquarius. And out of this degeneration arose many demons to places of prominence within human society.

The Archons were the first of the great demon-lords of the new era to rule over large cults of humans. Under their influence the cult of Spermo-Gnosticism dominated the religious and magical landscape of the early years of Pisces, even before the appearance of the so-called Christos, which would shape all of the philosophies of the Aeon to come. These cults were many, and they were awash in a sea of new mythologies which took pieces and parts of the old Pagan mythologies and magical methods and mixed them with the mystical traditions of the Ichthyos. The secrets of the old Pagan mystery religions were slowly being leaked to the world in piecemeal form. Because of this they were often misunderstood, and these misconceptions became fundamental in many of the new Gnostic salvation cults. A wretched and disturbing view of the world began to emerge in the cosmology of these new cults - a world run by an insane and demonic demiurge who was not really the true god. Humanity was trapped in a Manichean monotheism of fear and confusion. And true to their Ichthyos forbearers, they often vilified the Divine Feminine as the root cause of all this degenerate evil.

The sin of woman - of her sex, of her body, of her very nature - became the most prominent sin amongst a very many sins presented to the world in Pisces. These Ichthyos were at once tempted and repulsed by the Serpent of Wisdom in the ancient myths of the Great Liberating Mother. In their own version of the myth of the Garden of Eden, they blamed their expulsion from paradise upon the "temptation of woman" fostered upon the "first man" Adam by Eve. This process of sin and blame being cast upon the female and her nature was mirrored in the Gnostic mythology of Sophia. In those tales it was Sophia who made a cosmic mistake of sorts that allowed the Archons to come into existence and thereby facilitating the enslavement of humanity and much sorrow. Both roles of woman portrayed here, Sophia and Eve, are basically the same. In both cases the women no longer have a function in the creation of the Universe, but rather only in its undoing or in its manifestation of sin and unhappiness. Woman was made a scapegoat for man’s own unhappiness, which in truth was brought about by his own corruption and separation from his rightful and natural place in nature. Man sought to control nature and its forces for his own end, which in turn corrupted the bounty of his life. In response, he then blamed woman for his predicament.

This vicious cycle of abuse and degeneration was foreseen in providence by the Great Liberating Mother, the Queen of the Underworld, many Aeons before. Now the Underworld is a place of Darkness and of Mystery10 which no longer holds any meaning for the people in today’s Atheistic world. And one of its functions is transformation, from death and decay to emergence and birth. The mysteries of this process and what it produces is the source of all bounty and life, here in the physical. Much will be said of the Underworld in its proper place, but understand this: there are beings and forces responsible for the consumption of the remnants of life in decay. And these beings, universally feared by all living things, come from the Underworld. Just as the body already contains the bacteria which will consume its flesh in death, so too does the Underworld contain the entities that will consume and transform the remnants of life in the Underworld.

This process of dissolution carried out by the spirits of the Underworld is one of the Powers which the Great Liberating Mother wields over all of life. Any one or any thing which is living is subject to Her power in this way. Yet the Aryan men and their fish children wanted this power for themselves. They broke with the traditions of old, with the ways which had always sustained life on this planet before: the process of birth, life, death, reclamation, emergence and rebirth. In place of death and reclamation they instituted the idea of an eternal life for their Personas in "heaven". And they reinforced this new reality through acts of ritualized violence and blood sacrifice designed to grow not only the immortality and power of their Personas, but also those demons who promised them power in this regard.

Yet these poor fools understood nothing, and this ignorance continues to this day. For She is the Mother of Abominations, the Guardian against the corruption of Life. If one commits abomination, then one will be consumed by abomination. One can not go against the Guardian of Life, and not be consumed by Her minions of reclamation. One can not feed the demons and expect to be free of their influence. One can try, but the result will only mean the destruction of life as one knows it.

But in those times the Sacred Trust had been broken. The demons of the Mother of Abomination were loosed upon the planet. And because of the acts of those men in the Aeons of Aries and Pisces, the entire world was plunged into a new Dark Ages, which looked very much like the Hell the christians had promised to help one avoid.

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The Morning Star and the Evening Star have been the most important of the stars for humanity for a very, very long time. These stars are really one star, the star of Venus, and it is by far and away the brightest light in the Heavens. It spends roughly 263 days as the Morning Star, and a similar amount of time as the Evening Star after a few days of being dark in-between, during the transition.

Now the planet Venus is named for the Roman Goddess of Love, known to the Greeks as Aphrodite. But the Aryans, as it was with most of the myths which have come down to us today, actually changed the nature of the planet, and the Goddess as She was originally known. As such, Venus is actually not a Goddess of Love, despite what you have been told. Venus since the earliest times was the planet of the Great Liberating Mother. In fact all of the planets are connected to the different types of Goddesses. The Mother Goddesses of Earth are connected to the Moon. The Daughters of Ra are connected to the Sun. The guardian warrior Goddesses are connected to the realm Mars. The Vulture Mothers of Death are connected to the Realm of Saturn, and so on. But Venus is not the planet of the Love Goddesses any more than Mars is the planet of War.

In order to proceed further it must be understood that the Planets are the vehicles for the Modifications of the Spirit, just as the Elements are realms of the Modifications of the Persona.11 Venus is the realm where Spirit penetrates into matter. The result of these interactions creates all of the forms and figures of beauty and truth which are observable to the senses and the mind. All of the Arts and Sciences are born from the observations of Spirit entering into matter in Venus: painting, music, poetry, philosophy, astronomy, astrology, mathematics, physics, cosmology, and so on. These Arts and Sciences are the legacy of Venus and the Great Liberating Mother. And incidentally Heka falls under the auspices of this planet as well, which is why this practice is sometimes called the "Art and Science of Magick".

Nude Astarte with Crescent Horns.In the Near East the Great Liberating Mother was known as Inanna in Sumeria and Astarte in Babylonia. Both of these Goddesses were previous incarnations of Babalon. Both Goddesses were worshipped as Venus, with the title "Queen of Heaven".12 However it should be noted here that Babalon disavows any relationship with Ishtar, who many people suggest is just another incarnation of Astarte. Ishtar is a Semitic Goddess who lost her title "Queen of Heaven", and who describes herself with the words "I am the great prostitute". The Semites, in typical fashion, had misunderstood the role of sexual imprintation practiced by the Priestesses of the Great Liberating Mother, and the sexual nature of Spirit.13 The Great Liberating Mother, the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of the Underworld, had been reduced by the Semites to a simple courtesan for their earthly lust and pleasure, a Love Goddess. The Greeks inherited Ishtar as Aphrodite, and the Romans as Venus. This degeneration explains how Venus came to be known as a planet associated with the Goddess of Love instead of its true function as Liminal Point for the ingress of Spirit, in concert with the Moon and Saturn.

This slander and vilification of Venus continued in the Aeon of Pisces where the Morning Star was reduced to the image of the devil as Lucifer, the "most beautiful of all the angels who fell from Heaven". Of course this title of Light-Bearer, Lucem Ferre in Latin and Phosphorus in Greek, was the title of the Torch-bearers - and in fact Bona Dea Herself was called Lucifera.14 "I bear the light in the Underworld," they proclaim. The light is the Light of Spirit, and the journey in the Underworld is the process of its reclamation and emergence for rebirth in the Realms. But the Underworld was remade by the Ichthyos as Hell and the Torch-bearers, all female, were demonized as Lucifer. In the eyes of the people, their demon-lord Yahweh had successfully kicked the Goddesses out of "heaven", and demonized Her as Lucifer, the most beautiful angel of all.15 But the exile of the Great Liberating Mother remained tenuous at best, despite the almost complete physical control of the planet and the people upon it by the Ichthyos. Her first attempted return was near the latter end of the Piscean era with the help of John Dee in the 16th century.

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In the same way that water drips and moves through the Earth following the path of least resistance on its journey to some underground pool, so to does Spirit when manifesting into matter. This is why it is so important when practicing Heka that a proper receptacle, a proper vehicle, be made for the energy to become manifest in. And this is why the Liminal Gateway is essential, so that the proper energy will find and follow the Fila created by the Triangle of Manifestation which leads to the properly prepared vessel. But not only does the energy drip down in this manner, it also bubbles up. Such is the case when a new Aeon approaches. Often, a few hundred years or so before the full approach of a new Aeon, movements in society which have been influenced by the spirit of the coming age will burst upon the scene into humanity’s midst, and sometimes disappear just as quickly. These bursts of movement within human culture show a taste of the future to come, but often in a mixed form which causes much confusion. Often too there is a reactionary nature to these new impulses, a rebellion against the energies of the old Aeon rather than a pure expression of the energies to come. All of these "bubbles" lead to times which are chaotic, confusing and full of social upheaval as the new Aeon approaches. For truly the energy is chaotic and confused.

The Renaissance is a prime example of a large bubble of new Aeonic energy bursting forth into the midst of the late Piscean Aeon. And this burst of social change was lead by the energies of Venus against the treacheries of old. Not only was the supremacy of Yahweh and his church challenged by rational thinking and Science,16 but so too all of the Arts of Venus seemed at once to return to their proper, natural, Pagan orientation under the guise of such movements as the Pre-Raphaelites. In yearning back to the so-called "Classical Age" and the great artistic achievements of the Pagan cultures which lay in ruins all around them, they opened the way for a resurgence of some forms of Heka at that time, no matter how flawed.

John DeeOut of this milieu emerged John Dee, the consultant to Queen Elizabeth I. He was a Mathematician, Astronomer, Navigator, Astrologer and Occultist of some repute. His life and the contents of his diaries, which themselves have a miraculous history of their own survival, are already well documented. But what is important to us here is his role in the unrealized attempt of the Great Liberating Mother in Her new incarnation as Babalon to deliver the system of Her vengeance upon Her enemies of old.17

It should be noted from the beginning that the presiding Angel overseeing all of the Enochian material given to Dee and his scryer Kelly was the Archangel of Venus, named Anael. Anael sent the Archangels Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, the Angels of the Elements, to deliver a new system of angelic communication, a system of gateways between the Realms which is now called Enochian magick.18 The angels were an important inroad for Babalon in this endeavor, because of the christianity of Dee, which in fact negatively defined the limits of his understanding. So in this way, the Angels alone were sent to Dee until the main Enochian system was delivered. After this point, little Madimi was sent to instruct Dee and to help with his Initiation so that this system of vengeance might be activated.

Now there is a mystery surrounding this character of Madimi, who came to dominate the later workings of Dee so extensively. She first appeared to Dee as a little girl, running up and down amongst his books. In fact, Madimi was the only spirit out of all of those which he and Kelly contacted, which he himself saw with his own eyes. He assumed that this spirit who came to him in the form of a little girl was in fact named for the Hebrew word for the planet Mars, Madim. Often in the middle ages the Angels of the Planets were simply referred to as the Hebrew name of the planet, with the appellation of "el" or "al" which denoted their divine essence.19 Therefore one had for example Madimiel, for the Angel of Mars. Dee thought that Madimi was a diminution of Madimiel, and therefore that She was a little spirit of Mars.

Kybele’s cult title, M.D.M.I.In reality, Madimi was one of the Nine, a Deified Genius, which is to say the shade of a Daughter of Babalon. Often the Nine are sent as Heralds or Pashtuns of the Great Liberating Mother to prepare the way for Her arrival. Madimi in fact had taken Her name from the name of an Ancient incarnation of the Great Liberating Mother, Kybele. One of the most famous cult titles of Kybele, which are still preserved on monuments by the hundreds throughout the Ancient World, is represented by the initials M.D.M.I. In Latin these initials stand for the phrase "Mater Deum Magna Idaea", or "Great Mother of the Gods from Ida". Mount Ida in Anatolia (specifically in Phrygia near Troy) was Kybele's homeland. This cipher then, taken from the name of the last great incarnation of Babalon Herself, was used by Madimi as Her name in Her interactions with John Dee.

Over time Madimi became more and more involved in the life and affairs of Dee and Kelly. She began to foretell them of Her Mother’s coming, and the importance of them continuing the work they were doing with the spirits. But in order to use the system of Enochian as it was intended, there needed to be Priestesses. So Madimi attempted to get the wives of the two men, Dee and Kelly, involved. Not only that, the men needed to relinquish their patriarchal ideas of sexual ownership over the women as well, so that eventually the women could use the men properly in the Enochian system after their training as Priestesses was accomplished. But Dee’s christianity proved too much to overcome. Likewise Kelly’s physical dislike of women proved insurmountable. Madimi drew up a contract with them and instructed them to sexually swap their wives. When they balked at this command, She sent in the Angels to command the act from them in the name of God. And thus then did they finally obey, but it meant the end of all their workings together. The act was too much for their Personas to cope with at that time, and their magical workings together ended. But not before Babalon Herself made Her first appearance. Appearing glorious and naked before them, She proclaimed Her title and Her coming.

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Sigil Dei Ameth"I am the daughter of Fortitude, and ravished every hour from my youth. For behold I am Understanding and science dwelleth in me; and the heavens oppress me. They cover and desire me with infinite appetite; for none that are earthly have embraced me, for I am shadowed with the Circle of the Stars and covered with the morning clouds. My feet are swifter than the winds, and my hands are sweeter than the morning dew. My garments are from the beginning, and my dwelling place is in myself. The Lion knoweth not where I walk, neither do the beast of the fields understand me. I am deflowered, yet a virgin; I sanctify and am not sanctified. Happy is he that embraceth me: for in the night season I am sweet, and in the day full of pleasure. My company is a harmony of many symbols and my lips sweeter than health itself. I am a harlot for such as ravish me, and a virgin with such as know me not. For lo, I am loved of many, and I am a lover to many; and as many as come unto me as they should do, have entertainment.

"Purge your streets, O ye sons of men, and wash your houses clean; make yourselves holy, and put on righteousness. Cast out your old strumpets, and burn their clothes; abstain from the company of other women that are defiled, that are sluttish, and not so handsome and beautiful as I, and then will I come and dwell amongst you: and behold, I will bring forth children unto you, and they shall be the Sons of Comfort. I will open my garments, and stand naked before you, that your love may be more enflamed toward me."

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And so Babalon did make Her appearance to Dee, but he never recorded Her name in his diaries directly, which displeased Babalon to no end. He eventually attempted to bury and hide the results of much of his workings with the spirits. Yet in Providence it was not to be so. The guardians made sure that the system would survive for the use of future Priestesses, and most of his diaries were discovered centuries later despite his efforts to hide them.

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After the Renaissance a terrible backlash ensued from the Ichthyos. Ever-adaptable, the Piscean energy soon took up the symbols of this new Aeonic energy of freedom and technology as its own. These concepts began to be used for a new type of cunning enslavement of humanity under the banners of democracy and progress. The priests of old adopted the Science of the coming Aeon for their own purposes of enslavement and control. They set up the new institutions of industry and government which rule in the same manner as the priests of old, but now under the unquestionable banner of the new hero named Science. In addition, they eagerly learned the new ways of psychology, sociology, marketing and propaganda with which to manipulate the people through their own appetites and desires. With these weapons they learned how to motivate the people to choose the action which they wanted them to make - but with the added twist that the person making the action thought that it was their own desire and choice.

The Ichthyos priests had learned well from their demons. They learned how to manipulate and control a person from within their Persona by means of their insecurities and their desires. Now Science, through psychology and behavioral studies, gave them a way to impose their tyranny in a technological way. And in this way they truly began to manufacture consent throughout the modern world. They established their control of the democracies in secrecy, while the people suffered under the illusion of choice by voting for the candidates that they pre-approved of and placed before the people. All that remained for the priests of old was to slay the belief by the people in demons altogether, through state education and ridicule. All that remained was to inaugurate Atheism and secularism amongst the people, so that the demons might move freely and unnoticed amongst the people. The symptoms of demonic presence was then ascribed to abnormal psychological conditions which they pretend to be so knowledgeable about, but in fact which they can not cure.

It is a well know truism that a distracted population is an easily ruled population. So a new form of worship was introduced into the Atheistic religion of secularism. And that form of worship was practiced by rituals of endless consumption, governed under the rules of so-called Capitalism. For the people had been removed from the Earth, and no longer knew what it was that they needed to live. Nor could they provide it for themselves. They had become completely dependent upon the system for survival. The hand that feeds had changed from nature, to the state. Marketing messages now told the people what to buy, and what it was that they needed and desired in their lives. Thus was the state of the world when the Equinox of the Gods was inaugurated in 1904, under the pen of one who called himself the Great Beast, Aleister Crowley.

The Great Beast, so called, is a Duality of sorts. This word no longer means what it once did. Dualities are not something to be worshipped, or even admired, for they serve a great and terrible purpose. They did not always exist, but the need for them became apparent with the advance of the Degeneration. For what can one do when the humans of Earth turn away from the Bounty of Natura and embrace the demons of self-empowerment within their Personas? What can one do when this worship is in fact circular, and as such will raise to power the very beings which seek to enslave them. The people are so full of unsatiated appetites that they can no longer see beyond it, or remember a world without it. So what then can the Goddess who is the Guardian of Life itself do to fight against such a self-feeding degeneration in the people?

The answer is a Duality. The answer lies in manifest beings who are sent to cultivate that demonic energy of worship and attention from the people, thereby removing its power from the demons themselves. Then instead of this worship feeding the Duality, it is transformed back to the Mother through the powers of reclamation in the Underworld. The people have no idea that they give power to the Duality, instead of a demon. Dualities function somewhat like a living talisman. In this way they can divert the negative energy of worship away from the demons like Yahweh, thereby reducing his source of power and control over time. It is a way of corrupting the corrupted, without becoming corrupted in the process.

This power of rendering and transforming this energy is a Power of the Underworld. This is a very secret part of the War, and the details of this operation and the names of the Dualities will not be divulged at this time. But suffice it to say that it takes a very special type of spirit to incarnate and perform such a task and yet remain unaffected by such demonic energy. These are not human Spirits, and as such these spirits are incorruptible. But such is the Ophidian way of things that a boon which appears beautiful to the justified is also a weapon of fear, repulsion and ugliness to the unfit. Dualities are the incarnations of certain spirits that manifest in order to transform ugliness and imbalance into something more productive. And so it was with this man called Crowley. He was not born a Duality, but for all intents and purposes he was used like one.

In many ways, Crowley was the perfect man for the mission - if only one were to understand what the mission was. As shown before, the Equinox of the Gods is the 2,160 year coronation of the current Incarnation of the Sun, in this case Ra Hoor Khuit. The pronouncement and marking of His ascendancy and the proclamation of His New Aeon is what was delivered to Crowley and his wife Rose in the form of the book Liber Legis. It is His Law and His Heritage from Nuit which is ultimately proclaimed therein. But Crowley’s Persona was as much help as he was a hindrance. It must be remembered that it was Rose whom the spirits came to, not Crowley. She possessed the proper apparatus for functioning as a Liminal Point, which is something that Crowley could never have done on his own - and in point of fact was something which he never again achieved.

Rose Edith KellyThe Pashtuns arrived and began to communicate to Rose the importance of the ascendancy of the Incarnation of the Sun, and that preparations must be made for the new Incarnation. Many oracular signs were given to show the veracity of the words of the Pashtun, in ways which left no doubt that what Rose was speaking, while conscious and not in a trance state mind-you, was in fact not coming from her Persona at all. This is the seal of the true communication from the spirits, with words in languages which are not understood at the time, with complex ciphers or with information which is only later verifiable.20 This convinced Crowley that something serious was afoot, and to his credit he followed the instructions dutifully as given by the spirits.

As is now well known, the result was that a communication called Liber Legis was received. It was spoken aloud by Rose and written down by Crowley there in Cairo, Egypt, in 1904. The communication took place at noon on three consecutive days, April 8th, 9th and 10th of that year. The parts of the proclamation which were unclear or missed were later filled in by the spirits through Rose again, in her capacity as Liminal Point. Surprisingly, Crowley was dumbfounded by this communication, and the fact that it came through his untrained wife, and so he discarded it for many years after. He continued to follow his other interests in magick, so-called, which were unconnected to this communication and which did not involve any direct communication to the spirits through a proper Priestess.

But the Spirit is strong, and his purpose was to ensure the delivery of the proclamation of this book to the world. In this he did not fail. Nothing else of his occult career ever mattered in such a way. And so the book called to him over time, and he began to be astonished by the small amount of hidden ciphers and knowledge which he was able to discover therein, with his limited understanding. Soon he was won over, and fulfilled his role as prophet of the New Aeon of Ra Hoor Khuit, proclamating to the world His new law.

Now Crowley’s severe christian upbringing imprinted upon him an idea of what it means to be a prophet. With the Ichthyos, a prophet is a man who speaks for God, and interprets the words of God, so that people follow what is said by the prophet. In short, he interprets what is said in so-called holy writings in order to sway the actions of the people in this or that way. There is also contained therein the idea that the prophet can predict future events based upon communication with God, but that is never the case in actuality with the Ichthyos. This is in fact only propaganda in order to make their message seem more convincing to the flock. So it is in this way that Crowley understood his role as a Prophet, a role in which he himself was specifically named in Liber Legis. Crowley of course expanded upon this notion of himself not just as a prophet of the working in which the book was received, but in fact he saw himself as the prophet for the entire Aeon, and the final word on all things to do with that same Aeon.

But prophet in reality just means "a spokesman" in the ancient Greek and Latin, and this is in fact the role assigned to him in Liber Legis itself. He was to be the "forth-speaker", the spokesman, for the return to a true tradition of Spirit. He was to proclaim the Law of Ra Hoor Khuit and His Ascendancy to all that he did meet in his journeys and travels. And this he did do, but he also did more. Because of his misunderstanding of the word "prophet", and what he thought it gave him license to do, Crowley began to interpret Liber Legis for the people. He also brought along many of his favorite occult fetishes and ideas of which his Persona was enamored, but which nowhere exist in Liber Legis, and laid them atop of Ra Hoor’s proclamation.

The first of the great additions of Crowley to Liber Legis, and one which is completely accepted by his followers today without any thought to the contrary, is the supposition of the Holy Guardian Angel. Now this romantic concept of a unique Angel assigned to one’s birth, which in fact guards and guides one’s incarnation, is a creation of the syncretism of the collapse of Aries and the rise to power of Pisces. In this time many of the old concepts from Egypt were being misunderstood and overlaid onto the mysticism of the semitic Ichthyos. In fact, their entire system of Kabbalah, so-called, was born in this way. It was deemed then that there were many angels set over a person’s life, their profession, their purpose and their destiny. And these angels could be found out by the use of Astrology, Numerology and Kabbalistic letter assignment. These machinations of man-made diagrams and letters and astrological meanderings survived the fall of the Aeon and were preserved in places like Harran by the Sabians. Because of this, these ideas were held in high esteem by later medieval occultists. Such was the barren wasteland of their times, these occultists had very little tradition of their own to use and desperately sought the wisdom of the ages past. They found these early man-made systems to be like miraculous secrets preserved against impossible destruction. In this way bits and pieces of these man-made machinations survived into the works of Agrippa and other works such as the book of Abramelin, so-called. From there, it was borrowed by the founders of the Golden Dawn, and thenceforth to Crowley.

In Liber Legis it is openly spoken of the role of the Spirit, and its Will and purpose for the individual in one’s incarnation. Crowley immediately read into these lines the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel, the contact of which by this time in history had become the sole mystical goal of many occult systems.21 And since Crowley had no way within himself to contact the spirits who originally gave him the message to verify his opinion, and because of his own concept of himself as prophet, he proclaimed that the concepts of the Will of the Spirit as described in Liber Legis were identical with the concept of a Guardian Angel as inherited form the middle ages. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Spirit does not in any way appear separate from oneself, nor does it talk to oneself as an outside entity may do. If one is hearing voices in one’s head, it is not from one’s Spirit. Other spirits, however, do speak to those that have made themselves open to hearing in such a way, and are always eager to call themselves by whatever title it is that one desires to hear the most. That much is for certain.

Another concept by which Crowley was titillated, but which in fact has no reference or mention in Liber Legis is that of Spermo-Gnosticism. As has already been shown, the idea of the supremacy of the sperm as carrier of the Light, Life and Logos of God is an Aryan creation, a replacement for the womb’s role in creation as it was understood in the Goddess cultures which preceded them. Crowley, despite some intellectual words to the contrary, deeply resented women and their bodies. Of this he has written quite often and plainly. His homosexual tendencies also led him, like it did for many men of the last 5000 years, into the realm of penis worship. This is such a strong fetish with him that he even forces the women in one of his organizations to partake in such worship themselves, at a certain "higher" degree.

Now it should be clear to the reader that in the history of Heka the symbol of the Serpent is of the Spirit, not of the sperm or phallus. And so it is too with Liber Legis. Sperm is not mentioned as such, but blood is. And the best blood is of the moon, monthly. The penis, in fact, is only mentioned in connection with the role of males in the Supreme Ritual, where they are used by the Priestesses to manifest Babalon directly. It is the proper attitude of the Personas of the men which are given instruction therein, concerning their penises. The "sacrificing of cattle" is just that, and nothing to do with the masturbation of which Crowley was so great a practitioner.22

Gnostic gem featuring Cnoubis, gold and heliotrope c. 3rd-4th Cent. CECrowley codified his Spermo-Gnosticism in his "reconstruction of Christianity unto its true form" in his version of the O.T.O., the Ordo Templi Orientis. The Gnostic Mass, so called, enshrined all of the elements of the past two Aeons of degenerate thinking concerning women, the penis and sperm into a new religious ritual. The ritual itself is nothing more than a symbolically sexualized version of the christian mass, overlaid with quotes from Liber Legis. Around this reconstructed christianity centered upon penis worship he built his new Gnostic Church, which ironically has the affect of "initiating" people out of Occult and Pagan circles back into those of esoteric christianity. The initials of their organization, O.T.O., are envisioned in his secret writings as Christ being nailed to the cross between the two thieves, which is the erect penis with its two testicles - the source of all life, light, love and liberty. Of course none of this nonsense is to be found in Liber Legis, which is very straight forward in its technical language. And in point of fact Ra Hoor Khuit is Himself the avenger who has come to wipe the Earth of such things as christianity in any form. This is why He calls himself very plainly a "God of War and Vengeance". Who and what did you think He is avenging at this time?

And so we come to the final of Crowley’s large-scale additions to the Proclamation of the Ascendancy of the Incarnation of the Sun, Ra Hoor Khuit. And that is his manufacturing of Liber Oz, and specifically within that document the lines which have become iconic with his followers, and with the entire Aeon and society so far. And that is, "There is no God but Man". Oh, how they cry this from the rooftops, of all of the towers and cities in the Empire of the Degeneracy. They cry this in all of the halls of Science, so-called, as they unmake life itself through genetic modification and the terraforming of Earth through industrialization and the devastation of natural habitat. Oh how they cry that "there is no God but man" when they unleash upon the face of Gaia their nuclear attacks, irrevocably making Her unfit for life now or in the future. As before in Aries, they think that control is the same thing as power. They think that to destroy a thing is to have the power of a thing for one’s own self. And they think now that they have a chance, with so-called Science, to make the Persona immortal with their technology. Of course, it is typically Aquarian to imagine yourself as accomplishing one thing, but in actuality to be accomplishing something quite different.

The proclamation in Liber Legis that "Every man and every woman is a star" is twofold in meaning, neither of which has anything to do with being a God. First of course is the idea that Crowley got correct in the beginning, and that is that it is a proclamation of one’s divine Will in one’s incarnation. It is a proclamation that every incarnate being, both woman and man, has a divine Spirit and divine purpose which they must seek out and put their Persona in service of. Additionally, and more literally, it is a statement concerning the origin of human Spirits. They are in point of fact born from Stars, and every person has certain heritage from the Stars from which their Spirits were born. Therefore every man and every woman is literally a Star in that manner.

Now before we move forward in our discussion, this may be the place in which to briefly discuss a topic of which we are often asked - what of Jack Parsons and his role with Babalon? The Temple’s view on Parsons is that no man until this time was so sincerely devoted to Babalon as Jack was. Of that there can be no doubt. Babalon has spoken of him only when specifically asked, and not otherwise. She explained that he was devoted and loved Her, and of that She approved, but his words were the words of a man from his mind. She says, "He loved me but he fell ill. Poison. Blood poison." And furthermore, this illness was not accidental. "Beware the knife of the jealous man." The implication seems to be that the explosion in his lab which killed him was no accident, and was used to cover up the evidence. Of his "Book of Babalon" so-called, She says that it may have had some merit, but it was not received in the proper way and regardless the relevancy of that time has passed. There was no proper Priestess of Hers involved, no Daughter present to act as a Liminal Point. Babalon has Her agenda and Her plans which She institutes along with Her allies. Parsons was not directly a part of this, and he acted out of devotion towards Her in the best way that he could without proper guidance by the Seven or the Nine. Marjorie Cameron was not mentioned as a person of importance.

But to return to the Degeneracy which we face at this time, it is of course well documented that Crowley’s Persona was extremely debaucherous and indulgent. He was immersed in drug addiction, feces eating, homosexuality or anything which would seem rebellious and get him attention with the public. In many ways, he was the prophet of the new Aeon in this regard, for he himself in his self-indulgent actions would foreshadow an entire generation of people who now know no other way of behaving. This of course has been further exacerbated by the introduction of the Internet which removes the Persona completely from Nature and Gaia in any form in day-to-day life. It is this zealous indulgence, this attitude of "hard-core" in all things in life, which dominates the Fixed Air of Aquarius. This is the true nature of this Aeon as it metamorphoses away from the Fish. The emotions of the previous Aeon, all of the fears and the anxieties which were used to control humanity, are now being held outside of oneself. This is considered as a type of bravery in the Fixed Air of Aquarius, but in actuality it functions as a type of denial. In this way these actions mirror the popular image of Aquarius, so that one is now cut off from the Waters all together. The Waters which they hold outside of themselves are the Waters of Life, the communications from spirit in all of its forms. Both the self-indulgence of Atheism and secularism, as well as the destructive immorality of so-called Science exemplify this Aquarian attitude.

During the Age of Reason, which was the first great pulse of Aquarian energy upon the planet, it became imprinted upon mankind that the new Aeon would be one of rational altruism and enlightenment. But in contrast to this the Aeon, with the advent of industrialization and mechanization, has become almost completely concerned with control. The Air is no longer fluid and has become fixed. The institutions of humanity now control every aspect of their lives in a tyrannical fashion, from education, health, nutrition, vocation, retirement, old age - it is already all pre-planned and arranged by institutions which decide the fate of Spirits which are yet even unborn. What they will learn, the possibility of how and where they will live, what vocations they will pursue - this has already been scientifically determined. Information itself has become fixed by these institutions, with the most important and crucial information being available only to those in positions of secret power and control. Meanwhile the common person lives a life of complete transparency to those rulers, to the point that every action and every communication is recorded, filed, indexed and evaluated.

Aquarius, the sign of Fixed Air is not a sign of forward-thinking altruism as currently supposed. That is of course the mask it wears, but rather it is a sign concerned with control - control of thought, control of action and ultimately control of life. The men of this age seek still to create the homunculus, the artificial life. But there is no such thing as artificial life - life without Spirit and its biological matrix of Gaia. And because of this all life will cease. This is what technology affords humanity, despite promises and protests to the contrary. There is no other end in store for those who embrace a world of mechanization, a place devoid of Spirit.

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The Degeneration of humanity in its relation to Spirit can be traced in all areas of life, yet nowhere is it perhaps more strikingly visible than in the fetishes of human sexuality throughout the Aeons. This corruption of the libido follows the corruption of mankind’s connection to Spirit. Sexuality in the Age of Leo was strong, spiritual and honest. The physical sensations as they were in themselves, woman to man, were satisfying enough within themselves. Sexuality and its honest expressions for the sake of pleasure alone were a regular part of the daily lives of humans, in the same way that eating and sleeping were. It was sought out and met by those of similar desires, in a Justified manner. In Cancer the mother’s love for her child predominated, and sexuality shifted from a daily practice of pleasure and catharsis to a tool of fertility and reproduction. The act of sex was now used as a sorcery for fulfillment of desires, either for a child or for fertility for the crops or whatever else one wished for. The womb became the vehicle for the manifestation of desires. In the Aeon of Gemini sexuality became more fetishized. With the twists and turns of mental constructs, the people became more and more imprinted on the bizarre, the fetish, and the banal for the first time. This fetishization was repressed in Taurus, where the female apparatus itself was used to generate amazing magickal power of manifestation. During this time there was an attempt to correct the degeneration of humanity’s sexuality by a refocusing upon the spiritual power of the female anatomy.

Pan mounting a goat.But in Aires we have the largest degeneration so far. It is here that sexuality became one of rape for the male. Female sexuality became repressed and demonized while the phallus and its sperm was worshipped as the source of life. A void in the male sexuality ensued, as the sexual desire of man was no longer tethered to the vulva of a woman. And it is true that Nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore degenerate sexual acts in all of their forms appeared en masse. Cults of bestiality ensued in some areas. For example, women were placed into the carcasses of sacrificed bulls and mounted by men hoping to incarnate minotaurs as the women suffocated. In addition, the sperm of countless animals were used in many different sorceries, and sold in the open markets along with all of the other parts of animals and plants used for superstitious purposes. Hermaphrodites were worshipped as gateways to the gods, while androgyny was considered holy by some groups. Tibetan oracles still dress as females, as do many other indigenous "shamans" from cultures which hail from this era - in imitation of the Priestesses of old.

In all these ways however, these warlords ultimately worshipped their own penises. And because of this, homosexuality ultimately ensued as the dominant form of sexuality. This form of degeneracy first appeared amongst the warriors themselves, but spread then swiftly amongst the gilded gentry. This is easy to see in such empires as Greece and to a lesser degree in Rome. This trend of homosexuality amongst the elite continued in the all male cults of Pisces, but with the introduction of the worship of the Holy Child Christ, sexual repression combined with child worship to produce a problem of pedophilia. This problem continues today in the institutions of political power and government around the world as well as in the Catholic Church.

Now, in the incredibly iconoclastic and Atheistic Aeon of Aquarius, all natural and biological roles of the human animal themselves are being rejected by the people. This time not just homosexuality runs rampant but also transgendered and inter-sexual reconstructions dominate the new air-fetishes of Aquarius. There seems to be a new arms race amongst the males of humanity towards greater and greater perversions, driven by the technological dissemination of pornography and its imprinting affect during orgasm. Virtual sexuality through this technology looms close upon the horizon, while at the same time the endocrine disrupters which are ubiquitous now in the environment and the food supply dismantle the biological basis for normalized sexuality itself. At the bottom of the Wheel, headlong in this Degeneracy, there is now no natural virility left in the world, and as such life itself will certainly cease.

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They say that it is always darkest before the dawn. But we Ophidians say that it is darkest where the Torch-bearers shines the brightest. The struggle of the female, and therefore the struggle for life itself on this planet through the last 5000 years or so of history will never be fully known. But now it is certain that there is currently a resurgence of the female in the consciousness of humanity. This has been much lauded by so-called feminists and purveyors of "social equality". But do not be fooled by appearances in Aquarius. Do not be the Fool standing precariously on the edge, entranced by images fixed in the Air.

The so-called women’s liberation movement did not restore woman to her greatness any more than the Renaissance restored Paganism to the people. The women, after much struggle over many years, were given equal opportunity to be like men, and to do and act as men do to some extant. But women were not and are not allowed in any social manner to be as they once were. Women are allowed into the arenas of politics, but only if they are wearing the pants suit of men. The political leaders who are women in the modern democracies do not portray any truly feminine characteristics in the manner in which they rule - rather, they imitate men of Pisces and Aries. This has been the lie of Feminism, so-called, in the Aeon of Aquarius. The Aquarian woman is the woman least in touch with her Waters out of all of the signs in the entire zodiac. She is the least likely to be able to show or understand nurturing mother-like tendencies. And therefore the least likely to be able to understand what type of restoration is necessary for humanity.

Restoration of woman to her rightful place as ruler, to her rightful nature as mother and guardian of Spirit, and to her rightful female sexuality is the only means of the preservation of life, itself.

Concerning this modern idea of feminism the Hagia says:

"We are not feminists. We do not need to be. We do not need to cry out for notice, for attention. We do not need to scramble from somewhere behind the legions of upright males; scramble to gain a hold, to gain ground, to gain a footing amongst the rabble of contentious egos. We do not need to don the wares of the illusory. We do not need to stand, apologetic, that our presence may not be welcome, but should be included.

"We have never lost our virility, our power. We were never underneath the illusion of the dominance of the last four to five thousand years. This is evident merely in the fear of those who claim power, and who have claimed power, at the expense of every living thing. One does not have power over what one fears. There is nothing that inspires more fear in mankind then the ferocity of Her. There is nothing that inspires more terror then a bared breast, or the hot loins of a desirous woman."

Idol of Perversity, DelvilleDesires within humanity for redemption and salvation were born out of a world of despair, after mankind’s fall from Eden, from Nature. Feelings of loss, of error, and finally of sin dominated the myths of mankind in the Degeneration, especially after the tyranny of Aries and the demonology of Pisces. When these feelings are spiritualized, it generates mythologies concerned with Savior gods, great redeemers who promise to set things aright again in the world. Gnosticism and christianity are replete with these themes. But in their resentment of their own predicament they have blamed and killed the Divine Feminine, and so no redemption is possible. There will only be Apocalypse. And She, the Guardian of Life, the Mother of Abominations whom they call Babalon, has given birth to the minions of the Reclamation. She has birthed the very creatures which rend the unfit, the mal-adaptive, the corrupted and the degenerate. They shall be consumed in the Underworld, and made to exist no more. It matters not whether you stand with Her or against Her in this War, for all will be used as they are in their natures. All will serve Her, both allies and slaves. And it is in this way that Babalon shall ensure this Apocalypse, this doom for humanity because of the abomination which they have become. And by doing so She shall secure a future for life upon this planet, for She is the Guardian of Life, the Guardian of Manifest Spirit itself.

1. Babalon Herself, from one of the secret periodic Supreme Rituals. Click here to listen to this language being spoken.    [return]

2. For a brief exposition of Spirit as the animating principle of life, and therefore the causative force for all volition and power in existence, see Chapter I above.   [return]

3. In fact the matrix, the womb of the female, was completely done away with in many mythologies such as in the case of the Egyptian Tum or Atum who masturbated in order to create the Universe and the first of the gods. This process is mirrored in both the Fiat Lux action of Yahweh in Genesis and the creation of Eve from "Adam’s rib". There are many other such examples from this era of Aryan control.   [return]

4. Babalon Herself, from one of the secret periodic Supreme Rituals.   [return]

5. This desire of the Aryan males to rid themselves of woman completely in the process of creation of life, so that they alone could hold all power, would continue in Pisces. Here the alchemists doggedly persued ideas such as the Homunculus, which still utilized the male sperm in various formulas which attempted to make life without a living female matrix. In modern times science has continued this approach with its efforts in cloning. Unfortunately for the Aryans, it has been discovered that only the female egg can be cloned, not the male sperm, which brings science back to agreement with the ancient Goddess cultures concerning the importance of the womb for life - not the sperm. Life is always carried in the matrix, the womb. The sperm only adds the needed genetic variety and variance for our binary system of reproduction.   [return]

6. We keep Her Egyptian name secret at Her request, for She does not wish Her previous incarnation to receive veneration which could be put to better use in Her current manifestation.   [return]

7. This is why, unbeknownst to most and widely suppressed, many of the royal bloodlines of Egypt have red or blond hair. It is difficult to find non black-and-white pictures of the Pharaohs because of this. See color pictures of the Ramesside Pharaohs for examples of this, but there are many others throughout most Egyptian dynasties.   [return]

8. It is from this incarnation of Astarte in Babylon that She draws Her current name, Babalon, for Her own vengeful purposes which are still approaching us in history.   [return]

9. Liber Legis I, 48.   [return]

10. The Underworld is the place of Mystery in the truest sense of the word, which is why all of the ancient "Mystery Schools" so-called were Initiatory bodies in one form or another for the Underworld Mysteries. There are no Mystery Schools for the realms of Earth and Sky in the same way. That is not to say that there are no teachings or traditions in the realms of Earth and Sky, of course, but that these realms organize their disbursement differently than that of the Underworld.   [return]

11. The Planets and their original functions within Heka is another of the many lost understandings in modern so-called "Magick" which are taught within the Temple.   [return]

12. This title of Queen of Heaven has caused some confusion with moderns because they have lost the Keys to Understanding in the last 5000 years. Heaven is a mistranslation of a technical term for the Underworld, falsely called the Afterworld. The idea of an Afterworld is a confused Ichthyos notion, which they call Heaven, a place where one’s Persona will live forever after death. But in addition to these points it must be noted that originally to go to the Stars of Heaven, one must travel to the Depths of the Earth. To go out, one must go in. The path of the Midnight Sun and the Underworld ultimately emerges into the body of Nuit, the Starry Heavens. This is the true interpretation of the title "Queen of Heaven".   [return]

13. The orgasm has been called the "little death" for good reason, for it is similar in a small way to the feeling of ecstasy in the Spirit upon the moment of its release from the bonds of the body at death. This is why sex and death are linked psychologically in the Persona. The cult rituals of the Temple of Bastet in Egypt were originally centered around an understanding of the Principles of this orgiastic ecstasy of the Spirit and its relation to the Underworld in death.   [return]

14. Although Lucifer is an Ichthyos corruption of the image of the Torch-bearers, many other entities do in fact openly claim this name as their own in their efforts to receive worship from humanity and thus grow their power therein.   [return]

15. Of course all of the Pagan deities, except those whom Christ absorbed into his myths, were literally demonized in one way or another. Many of these figures from Pagan mythology ended up as demons in the Grimoires of the late middle ages and early renaissance.   [return]

16. As noted previously, Science is one of the many disciplines found within the Realm of Venus. Venus is the Realm where Spirit enters matter and as such is observable by the senses within humanity. Art, Music, Physics, Astronomy, Astrology, Philosophy, Heka, Natura and many more disciplines exist there. This is also why the Muses are female and their functions are of Venus. Mercury on the other hand is the only known male Underworld Guide, and therefore the caretaker of the symbols and the languages which come from that realm, much like Sisi, the so-called Ape of Thoth. He oversees the symbols of Heka and Natura and their proper arrangement within the manifest realm. General "knowledge" alone, as understood in the modern sense, is not the provenance of Mercury, or any one planet for that matter.   [return]

17. This system of vengeance is of course now well known as the Enochian system of magick, complete with its own language. You may hear a sample of Babalon from one of the secret periodic Supreme Rituals teaching the correct pronunciation of this language here.   [return]

18. These are the usual roles for the Archangels in this regard. Anael oversees the system of Spirit entering into matter (Heka) and arranges its transmission through the other planets, Uriel makes open the way from Spirit down to the manifest Realms, Michael cleanses the way of opposition and oversees the course of actions, Gabriel watches for treachery hidden in the light and in the shadows, upon which he enacts his vengeance, and Raphael gives the knowledge of languages and symbols translated from the Underworld. It is always this way, for this Temple now as it was for Dee then. Tzadquiel and Tzaphquiel, the Archangels of Jupiter and Saturn respectively, did not make an appearance at the table for Dee in his workings, under those names. Tzaphquiel oversees Initiations which involve Realm transitions for the Adepts in the Underworld, while Tzadquiel oversees the sovereignty of the Dominion of the Will of manifest beings.   [return]

19. The word-sound El or Al has a long history which predates the semitic usage of the word as the God of the monotheists. Originally it meant a being or spirit with a divine heritage or provenance. In this way the angelic names should be read for example "Divine Light" for Uriel, not "Light of God" as the Ichythos say. Michael would then be "Divine Power", while Gabriel would be "Divine Fortitude", and so on. Raphael would be "Divine Medicine", but this appellation may be confused by the modern understanding of the term "medicine". In ancient times there was no difference in the concepts of knowledge and healing, which later lead to the iconic phrase of Pythagoras who remarked that he came "not to teach, but to heal."   [return]

20. This is why it is so important that the Priestesses are not initially trained in the symbols of Heka before the proof of their abilities is had as a Liminal Point. Once their proficiency is established, then the Priestesses are trained, but in ways quite different than that of a Magician. If Rose had been trained in the symbols of Heka which Crowley was familiar with, the Pashtuns could not have given their proofs in the same way. This is something Crowley did not realize. He assumed the lack of information on Rose’s part was a deficiency. Because of his ignorance of the old ways of the Priestesses, Crowley proceeded to train the women in his life as Magicians, and not as Priestesses. There is quite a difference, and his women suffered much because of this.   [return]

21. This role of the ascendancy and dominion of Spirit is in fact overseen by Hadit, not some imagined Holy Guardian Angel. This is the reason why the whole of the second chapter of Liber Legis is devoted to Him.   [return]

22. In typical Crowley fashion, he imagines that the sperm of his masturbation were like little children who would never be born, and therefore sacrificed to power the "magick" of his Persona. This lead him to interpret that as such from the line from Liber Legis III, 12. "Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child." The children here to be sacrificed, he imagined, were his sperm.   [return]

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