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Book I: Prosapia
The Axiomata of the Ophidian Lineage

  Chapter 5: On the Nature of Babalon

Book II: Principia
The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

  Chapter 5: The Nature of the World Soul II
  Chapter 6: The Priestesses of Heka
  Chapter 7: The Ordeals of Underworld
  Chapter 8: The Principles of the
                      Great Liberating Mother
  Chapter 9: The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

Book III: Natura
The Customs of the Ophidian Indigene

Book IV: Commentaria
The Account of Ophidian Proclamations

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Book V: Heka
The Rituals of the Temple.

(To remain mostly unpublished.)

Book VI: Liber Spirituum
The Records of the Spirits.

(To remain unpublished.)

The Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis

Book 1 - Prosapia

The Axiomata of Ophidian Thelema

Also known as: The Lineage

Ophidian Star

The Words of Hagia Auriavia

Part 3 - Justified Right Actions and Perspectives

PriestessThey are mistaken in the notion that Spirit is separate from animal. We incarnate to sensually unify the five elements within us as a means to realize the purpose of our Spirit. There must be an integration of Spirit and animal, for to force separation is to create fragmentation. The pursuit of enlightenment cannot entail any less than an understanding of the purpose of the animal in relation to our existence while walking with our feet upon the body of our Mother.

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The Four Powers

Guardian SphinxOphidian People carry upon them the mark of Our People. This mark upon the Spirit carried within the Beast is seen by spirits and Adepts alike. It is seen and understood, and depending upon the allegiance with which one identifies oneself, is recognized as the mark of a Great and Terrible Purpose of Justified Will, or feared as a mark of true Freedom of Spirit and Soul.

This is the mark of true initiation, and it cannot be copied, forged, or manufactured. It is given by trials and ordeals. It is earned. It is a brand that is seared upon the Aura of the Seeker of the True Mysteries of Her. It is not erased by Death. It is enhanced by it.

It is interesting when one discusses what has been called "the four Powers of the Sphinx" how little people understand about them. Knowledge, Courage, Will, and Silence…how interesting that Knowledge is listed first.

One can think about how Knowledge can mean what one’s head is filled with; what one learns through words, reading, talking. But, what is it to “know” something? What does a person really know? If one reads the words or thoughts of another, who “knows” what those words say? The reader? Does he now know what those words discuss? Why, because he read the words of another man? Where did the writers “knowledge” come from?

There is a different kind of knowing. There is a voice that is often difficult to hear, but it speaks through the currents of the other three Powers. It speaks to us from a place of long history and that is the recurrent experience of incarnation. That is the longevity of Spirit. This Knowledge does not come from other men or from the brain of our own animal selves. This Knowledge is the Brand of Spirit. This is the First mark and it is there at birth. Or it is absent. Either sign is instructive.

When an Ophidian knows something it is often a different sort of a thing to say than when other people say they know something; the Knowledge of the Sisters of the Lineage, for example; or the Knowledge of a Therion. This Knowledge cannot be taught as one would expect in the modern age that one "teaches knowledge". It cannot be taught, but it can be uncovered, or a person can be taught how to remember their knowledge, or how to begin to hear what it is that is being said to them.

What is this animal that has the body of a lion or beast, and the head of a woman? What are these powers that she guards as she lays upon the doorway into the Mysteries? This guiding presence upon the body of an animal is divine Spirit, and each Spirit has a Will upon which it acts. This is simple enough, but what is this Courage that is spoken of? And what part of this creature has Courage? What frightens this great beast so much? When one considers Courage, one must also consider Fear.

There is a decision made by every individual very early in their lives and that is the basis by which they will be driven through their lives: is it by Fear? Or is it by Will? The majority of people are driven by Fear, and this is the force that informs and directs their behaviors and their decision making their entire lives. No place is more evident of this then the Spiritual or Religious focus of a person. Is the person a slave, or is the person an autonomous being? The majority of people are slaves, who choose to be driven by Fear, and that is the majority of Religion that exists today — pens and shackles of Fear.

A person who has even the smallest bit of Knowledge within them will not choose Fear, but will Choose Will. When one chooses Will, one chooses Spirit. One chooses the Serpent. Is it no wonder everyone else fears the Serpent? A person who chooses Will, therefore, is a person who, despite having fear, and uncertainty, and doubt, will nonetheless align themselves with even the smallest whisper from their Spirit, despite the screams and threats that surround them of damnation and other types of enslavement reinforcement. The greatest fear an animal carries is that of Death. This is necessary for the animal to remain motivated to survive even in the face of desperate odds. This gift of Mars, the Survival Instinct, can consume a human animal to the point where he sacrifices his Will in order to try to find a way to stay alive — usually forever.

Those who have Courage learn to stand upon the threshold of Death, and learn that the Emblems of Death are part of the Greater Path of the Initiate. We die many times, and this is our Strength, and this is part of what others fear about us. But perhaps the thing that the uninitiated fear the most is Silence. For is Silence not the language of Death? And is Silence not the dwelling place of both the Greatest of Spirits, and the most terrifying of the Demons?

The Voice of Silence is both the ability to listen, and ability to not speak. What we hear in Silence is quite different then the stillness one needs to hear it at all. This is part of the Knowledge, and the result of it. This is part of the Courage, and why one must have Courage. This is the path of one’s Will. This is the Darkness of the Underworld, and therefore this is the Brightest of all Light.

The sign upon one’s lips, the Sign of Silence, is both a warning and a message. This is the language of the Gods, and it is only through initiation that most can learn to understand it. It is through initiation that the Emblems of Death are borne and worn upon us. This, then, is the mantle borne by the Initiate, as our bodies stand naked before our Gods, so marked by Fire, so marked by Death.

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Lucem Fero

LuciferaWe have come to a point in this modern age when there is no sense of our own true natures. The perversion of true beauty: the Harmonia that pervades all of Natura is obscured by a veil of sticky blood, poured forth from the birth of a demonic age. What it was to be human, within the Natural World has been lost, buried deeply beneath the sacrifice of Her.

And when the last throat was cut of Her Women; when the last Priestess fell to the ground amongst the mad roars of the Pisceans, it was from her blood this past age was born. Blood that was fed upon by the filth and loathing of this new breed of man. Men whose hatred for all that is Natural, all that is beautiful, unleashed a reign of demonic fervor never before seen. And though they claim to have ended sacrifice by worshipping the corpse of their god who ate his own son as Chronos was said to have done, they take lives in his name to this day.

And so it is that their own children play in the filth that they have created. There is no memory of what is Beauty. There is only degradation and self-loathing. And all the while they claim their own divinity in the name of their god, while claiming those who seek the Great Mystery of the deepest Blackness to be evil. And they enthroned a lord in their Hell, and they named him Lucifer, for they claimed the Most Beautiful of all the Angels had fallen, though it was they who cast Lucifer out.

You embrace this bearer of Light in the Darkness; this Flame in the Blackness, for it is the Flame of the Great Torch that lights your way in the Underworld. It is this Light that leads you forward. It is Beautiful.

Oh, man, how your lust for this Devil you call Lucifer is but a new veil for the Christianity you so despise, for it is their warping and perversion of the beauty which is sexuality that has driven so many to the pits of their Hell. Why must the desire for the soft, supple loins of a beautiful woman, or the feel of her sweet tongue upon you become the bloodlust of demonic rendering scattered across the fields of their barren theology, dedicated to the rotting corpse of some dying son?

Your quest and passion for demonic self-indulgence is the bitter wine they poured over you, unbeknownst to you, for when they slayed the bull over four thousand years ago, when Ares replaced the altars of Taurus with a cold and bloodied sword, they took Her from you, and left you alone; cold, and mocked; betrayed and fed upon by the perverse lusts of their own self-loathing.

And now, in this modern age, you have all just crucified Lucifer. You have made Lucifer the new Christ, in your faux-rebellion. Do you really think that if you take a “fallen angel” and nail him to your upside-down cross that you will somehow escape that which torments you? That you will somehow gain new power?

Lucifer is not the personification of your anti-Christian angst; not the spokesmen for your lust of wickedness. All of this is a defensive posture, a reactionary stance against what the monotheists took from you. It is time, not for reactionary tantrums, but for absolute reclamation of that which is ours; that which has always been ours. For Lucifer is not what even you think he is. Lucifer, Lucem Ferre, the Light-Bearer, the Morning Star — is not only a he but a She. She is Venus, and in the morning she is Aphrodite, and in the evening She is Athena, to the Greeks.

Within Her Seven Pointed Star, the Star of Venus which is governed by Haniel, is contained the Star of Babalon. It is Babalon who fights for this Reclamation. A reclamation of that which is born from the Divine Female: She who gives birth to Divine Light, is the Great Mother, and it is She who was chastised and cast away by the invasion of the monotheistic Patriarchy.

There is a proper place for your angst; your feelings of anger, your lust for vengeance. These feelings are legitimate, and welcome when applied in the proper direction. For the reclamation of the Divine Feminine is not just a reclamation of the female, but a reclamation of the male as well.

There is nobility that flows through the veins of the highest of men. This is a nobility that is not translated through the mundane notions of patriarchal birthright. This nobility is passed through the incarnations of Spirit, lives that are lived with the Nobility of Purpose, for it is the Spirit which guides these men forward, harnessed to fulfill the destiny that is their true birthright: that for which their Spirit incarnated.

These men live their lives in service of something greater than themselves; in recognition of the folly of self, and the Nobility of Purpose. To be such a man is not to repress what it is to be a man. No, for these drives are the fire that feeds the Will of such a man. This man, this Ophidian Man, he strives for the struggle of Death and Rebirth, for "He that lives long & desires death much is ever the King among the Kings." (Liber AL vel Legis II,74)

To be a man is to Lust. For lust is the Fire behind the Passions of Spirit. A man lusts for women. A man lusts for sex. A man lusts for power, yet this is where men often fail, for Power is not his to own, but his to Serve. It is the service of this Power that leads a man to his purpose, for the Power is not his to hold, or his to wield, but his to support and fight for. Man is the weapon this Power harnesses. Man is the Fire that feeds this Power. Man is the Beast that pours its all into the deepest, darkest place of the Infinite Power, and this Power is Babalon, The Great Liberating Mother. She gives all to Her most devoted servants, the Ophidians.

"Behold! these be grave mysteries; for there are also of my friends who be hermits. Now think not to find them in the forest or on the mountain; but in beds of purple, caressed by magnificent beasts of women with large limbs, and fire and light in their eyes, and masses of flaming hair about them; there shall ye find them. Ye shall see them at rule, at victorious armies, at all the joy; and there shall be in them a joy a million times greater than this." Liber AL vel Legis II, 24

Her Women are the Priestesses, Ophidian women are rare both in number and ability. Women through whom She wields Her Power. For in Heka, it is through these women that She comes. This is the Continuity.

And to feed his fire to Her, he must fuck her, he must fight for her, and if need be he must die for her. For this is the Strength of Man. This is the Fire he contains within his deepest places. The drives of man are not to be chastised, or diminished. He is not to be made to feel wrong for his desires. He is to be harnessed for that which he can give. All of his talents, his intellect, his virility, his prowess: these are the gifts he has to give. And when he gives them to something greater then himself he becomes the truly heroic; for it is the man who can stand before the Greatest, most feared being ever realized that holds the virtue of the Power of his Own Will and Destiny within his grasp.

What is more feared and hated then True Power? Nothing has been more demonized and locked away the last four thousand years, but the Power of the Hagia Porne — the force that radiates through all our beings when we reach states of sexual ecstasy. There is no greater fear amongst humanity than the two sides of the Great Liberating Mother: Sex and Death, for She is the gateway of all life, and all death; of creation, of birth, of death, of decay. She is Continuous, and She contains all things.

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Blue Goddess, Red Daughter

SalomeOh, my loves, my Minas…there is so much confusion, so much struggle, that I must draw your memories forward to end the suffering that I see. Let the Serpent speak from the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life, for the Ophidian speaks Truth, which is Beauty, which is Light, which is born from the Principles, for She holds the Wheel.

We shall begin with the nature of things, for this is the first lesson of reclamation. It is said that my Mother is Red. So much confusion born from the lust of a man. But this is the fault of the history carved in the flesh of so many men, born from the Sword of Lies, codified by the pouty mouth of a Fish god.

This Red, this Scarlet, is not the color of my Mother. My Mother bears the deepest Lapis, the most sumptuous Blue. For Her Origins are from the Blue Star, and Babalon, as stated in the Book of Law, is Blue and Gold to the Seeing. The Gold is the Gold of our Father, Ra. But, She is also Black, as the Black Star, as the deepest depths of the Grandmother. She is Black to the Blind, because She is the Body of the Underworld. And if you are blind, it is because you entered Her realm without a Torch-bearer to guide you, and if you are blind, you will not find your way out again.

So let me hold the torch for you for a short moment, for my Mother sent me to light the way. This is the Providence of the Nine. We bear the torch for the initiate, as the Hermit, as the Hierophant—woman girt with sword. The sword is Severity. That is one of my weapons. I wield the sword the same way that I wield my Love. For I am a woman. And this is the light that you seek, sweet Minas. So let me hold it for you.

Now do not confuse me with my Mother. I am no god. I am a being.

Babalon, behold Her, She is the Greatest of Gods, in that She is both a Force, and a Being. For there She is, Guardian of that which the Grandmother bestows upon existence, and that is Life itself, and that is Death itself. For one is the other, and Life yields to no one but Death, and Death is the Mother of Life. This is the only thing in existence that is Power. For existence is Life and Death, and the Minister of this Power is Sex, for Sex and Death are twin Sisters.

So you can see, sweet Minas, that the flame from my torch makes my face Red in its light, and you can see that the sword that I hold is Sex. And what is this Red that flows like a river, hot as fire, hot as the blood of Vulcan? It pulses through the body of our Mother, Gaia, the Earth, as surely as it pulses hot through your veins as you read these words. This fire, that heats your body, heats you mind, makes your heart beat faster, makes your lips search for mine, makes you reach out into the darkness, hungry, thirsty, reaching toward the dim light that is that torch in the distance... you close your eyes and that light is still there... dim, flickering, like the desire deep within you. Stirring. How hungry you are. So, if I reach out a hand, in the darkness, and you feel it slowly touch your body, still in blackness, still you cannot see. How is it that this hand heats the blood within you? Your eyes, still closed, are filled with the Redness of my torch, as the heat of it fills you, as you pulse with my lips dancing over the nakedness of your thighs. Quivering.

The Fires. The Waters. These are Forces of my Mother. This is the nature of Her Daughters. These passions, these desires, they fill you? The language that is spoken from the Waters, this Fire that flows as a River, calling—this is the whisper of Spirit, my beloveds.

How sweet the juice is that runs down my chin, so sweet, so sweet. I take a bite of you, my sweet Apple, as I hold you in my hand.

He holds the card called Lust in his hand. It is his lust. He possesses it. He has been told that this card is Babalon. He has been told that She is his lust. He has been told, therefore, that he possesses Her. He lays back upon the bed and commands: Dance for me, for I have Lust and therefore, You! Inspire me! This is his commandment.

He has not been told the Truth. The Serpent speaks Truth. The Serpent is Ophidian. Please. Hold my apple for a moment while I reach for my torch.

I shall enter his room for a moment, so that he may see. Hello, I say, as my Sister said to Dee. I am here as a Pashtun. I am here before you, sent by my Mother.

I am reminded of a different sister. Her name is spider. She dances a beautiful dance. She weaves, as Tanech weaves, a dance of the gods. How it glimmers in the morning light of Papa. Her dance is so beautiful, that many come closer to see her. She dances, as Salome dances, intoxicating.

How is it that both the fly and John the Baptist ended up in the same place? Is it that they forgot the Emblems of Death? Is it that they were blinded by the sweet smells of Jasmine and Rose? Confused by the light of the Moon? Intoxicated by the Mysteries of Venus?

What is that moment of intoxication? The first breath? The last breath? How is it that when I hold you tightly in my arms, my legs wrapped around you, my pulse beating with yours, every veil torn away from my naked body, holding you tightly within me, that you do not breathe at all? And then…..pulsing, pulsing, you go blind, all is blackness, all is a burst of light, and in that moment all sorts of things are born from your mind, oh man... be it that big bang of existence, that first word given that was Ohhhhhhhhh in your ecstasy that is Her. But that was not the beginning of life, my love, that was the beginning of you seeing a moment in the darkness. That was but a glimmer of my torch, for She was there all along, but my light shown Her face for a moment and hence the card that you hold is your lust for Her. For She consumes you. Do not confuse the Fire that She wields, do not confuse the Water that she wields, do not confuse the Redness of my apple, the Redness of my torch, the Redness of my blood the flows between my legs.

Your Spirit is the nectar that I seek from you, my apple. I will draw it out, like my sister, spider. I will weave a great dance for you, as Tanech, weaves, bewitching. I will dance for you. Life, Death, Dance, Dance. Yes, I will dance for you, my love.

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The Benu teaches us many things. He teaches us that renewal can come from the torment of the scorching fires. In this way new plants grow from ash. In this way we rise from the dead, born from the blackness of the Underworld. He teaches us that the light of Ra is born each day, as is the potential of our own light. Each morning is springtime for the growth of our Spirit, if only the Persona is made fertile ground to receive it.

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Sweet Love

PriestessIt is a lie that all lifetimes are successful. It is a lie that all sins are forgiven. And, it is a lie that all love is good. Love is the color of Union, a joining, a bonding together of one thing to another.

A demon loves its host, in the same way that a flea or a tick loves a dog. A tyrant loves the masses, as they are the marmalade for his breakfast every morning, sweet to his lapping tongue.

To sin against one’s own Spirit, against one’s own Will, is unforgivable. To turn away from the reason one incarnates is complete failure. To die, a slave, not even knowing the name of one’s True Self, cannot be undone. These are marks to be borne upon one’s future incarnations.

All things that need your soul will profess the greatest love for you. Undying. Unyielding. Uncompromising. Love. They need you for their very existence, so they love you, they love you, they love you. How many of you have forsaken your Purpose, the divine reason for your incarnation, for love? Or for the lack of love? And yet, all things that feed upon you love you. They love you. They use you. And in return, you are hollowed out, and left with a void that grows in size and severity. Love, love, love.

The Great Liberating Mother frees the Spirit from your Persona so that it can realize its true Will. The Demon Lords love you and keep you for their own, binding you with love.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under Will.

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Sweet Truth

PriestessSo you believed the lies they told you
And now you cry, oh how you cry,
Did you really think it didn’t matter?
Did you really think you wouldn’t die?

Oh, poor children. For so long they have been parading you around like little ponies, all gilded in glitter and pink and purple ribbons. These men who hold onto words of the dead, tossing them about like confetti in your march of triumph. They told you what love was. They told you what Will was. They told you what life was, what death was, and what Babalon was, too. And you listened.

And so did She.

You can choose to heed my warning,
Or you can turn and say goodbye.
But the Truth did not remain unspoken,
So now you’ll have to decide why.

Ask yourself, dear children, what have you done to make yourself worthy of Love? Are you true to your Spirit? Have you served it well? Do you have purity of the Purpose of your incarnation? Have you restricted the Will of your Spirit with your folly of self?

The ground is riddled with the corpses of the dead. If you do not notice them, or know their names, why would you think anyone would notice your corpse? What mark of beauty have you left in your wake? What amount of joy have you yourself birthed upon existence by your presence?

She listens. She watches. She knows you, even if you do not really know Her.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under Will.

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Sweet Child

PriestessYou will be judged. You are being judged. Judgment is Justified. The only thing that does not judge you is Death. The vulture loves you purely, after Death. She consumes you with delight. Sweet child.

This is not a game of heaven and hell. Some charade of immortality, some nuance of passing imagined gates of gold and pearl. No. There is no father anywhere who possesses sound judgment. For what is a father, other than that which bestows a spark to ignite a Fire that is already there. Waiting. A spark, like any other spark. Fuel for a fire of greatest potentiality. The mechanism for ignition, but not the ignition in and of itself.

No, this is not some game of chance, nor is it an excuse for enslavement lest one find oneself hanging suspended in some devil’s porn. No.

There is a greater Judgment, my sweet child. And you were born ready to bear this mantle upon you, if only you can find your way to one simple deed, and that is the service of your true purpose of incarnation and that is, most simply, your Will. For every being that is living its true nature is Justified in doing so. And this is beauty. And this is Truth.

There is no puzzle here. No secret. Only lies that were told to keep you from the simplicity of beautiful Truth and that is that you are a Spirit. You are a Spirit that lives in a body, for a moment. You are a Spirit that lives in a body for a moment for a reason. You are a Spirit that came here, now, for a purpose. You are a Spirit whose purpose is Justified according to the Principles. Your purpose is your Will.

And you are judged by this in existence. It is a simple judgment. Are you, doing the Will of your Spirit? Do you know your Spirit? Or is your persona clinging to its needs, its desires, it loves, it hates, its eternal quest for heaven, hell, continuance, immortality, greatness, sorrow?

Most of you, many of you, are so torn down, so beleaguered, so indoctrinated, so entranced, so spoiled, so mournful, that you cannot find your way to your Spirit at all. You cannot begin to see the beauty that is within the very core of your essence.

But I can.

But not all of you. Some of you have so embraced that which is foul, that which is putrid, that which is soiled and tainted, perverted and filled with the decay of the fate that awaits you. This message is not for you.

This message, this truth, is for those who understand that there is beauty, there is Truth, there is judgment, which is Justified. And there is Love, for those who seek the truth of their incarnation, for those who seek, even unto death, the purpose of their existence.

It is in the purity of your Spirit that you will find the truth of Love. It is in the service of your Spirit that you will find the way to understand reason, and Truth. But death already knows your name, even if you do not. There is no endless time, no endless chance. You are born within the very nature of limitation. And you are born under the yoke of choice.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under Will.

(The previous three writings are part of a series, which continues with Your Dominion which can be found here.)

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PriestessWould it break your hearts, my loves, to tell you that there is no such thing as Enlightenment? Oh, such terrible words that pass from my lips into the Air. Such a lashing I will receive from so many for daring to speak such a thing. Yet, I am Ophidian. I speak Truth. I have no fear nor care for the scorn and laughter of the people. In fact, it warms my heart.

So, if you cannot seek what you will not find, and there is no such thing as enlightenment, then what is it that all of these seekers seek? And where is it that they go? This, my darlings, is but a corruption of Understanding, and Understanding comes from the depths of the Underworld, my Realm, and you cannot go there unless you come to me and let me kill you and be Initiated therein. For no living thing may tread there. So where is it now that you find yourself?

All you are left with is Truth. And Truth is the Serpent. And Serpent is Spirit. The Serpent has been called evil because it, as Spirit, contains all of the keys to your finding the answers that you seek. And as such, the demons lords do not want you to behold it in any way. They do not want you to seek Truth, or to know Truth. They, instead, dangle for you lies, wrapped in the blankets of security and love - and enlightenment.

No, my loves, there is no enlightenment, because enlightenment suggests that there is an end to something, that there is a finality of attainment, that there is some point at which one ceases to have a need for any sort of continuum. And this is a lie. It is a lie because existence, in all of the wisdom of the Grandmother, is a great turning Wheel. Existence is bound by the Seven Principles, which we Priestesses hold in the form of a Wheel within our hands. This is the true Wheel of Fortune - for Fortune, or Fortuna, is the Goddess of the Bounty in the Underworld.

So you see my loves that the First Principle, which is that we are born and then we change, does not allow for the finality of something as base and sentimental as enlightenment. For if one were to somehow achieve something as strange as enlightenment, then one would no longer have a need for, or a mechanism to, change. And therefore one would cease to transform and therefore one would not really exist in the first place. Poof.

So no, my loves, there is no such thing as enlightenment. Truth resides in the darkness, not in the light. But, there is something much, much better, and that is Spirit. And that is Truth. There is nothing that is alive that does not have access to these Principles, these Seven Principles, but… the only way to reach them in your awareness is through Spirit, through dedication to serving your Spirit. All else is a lie.

The choice, my loves, is yours to make. There is the serpent, and there is the dove. Choose ye well.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under Will.

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A Pure Heart, and the Serpent Flame Therein

PriestessThere is much claim to the study of the Book of Law by these modern people who array themselves with vestments of Thelema. Yet, so eager are these illiterates to be like God-Kings — God-Kings whose feet are washed by the Whore of Babylon Herself. To them, will is only a license for the Persona to do as it wants and desires. And therefore the halls of modernity ring out with the thumps of fists upon chests and the mantra of will, will, will! For they fail to see the difference between their Persona’s will, and the true Will of Spirit.

Liber AL I:61 "But to love me is better than all things: if under the night-stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me, invoking me with a pure heart, and the Serpent flame therein, thou shalt come a little to lie in my bosom. For one kiss wilt thou then be willing to give all; but whoso gives one particle of dust shall lose all in that hour. Ye shall gather goods and store of women and spices; ye shall wear rich jewels; ye shall exceed the nations of the earth in splendour & pride; but always in the love of me, and so shall ye come to my joy. I charge you earnestly to come before me in a single robe, and covered with a rich headdress. I love you! I yearn to you! Pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous, I who am all pleasure and purple, and drunkenness of the innermost sense, desire you. Put on the wings, and arouse the coiled splendour within you: come unto me!"

And the Grandmother says to invoke Her with a pure heart. What is this? A Pure Heart? How does one purify a thing in Heka? What sort of sanctification is this? And what is the result of such an invocation by a heart not pure? For it is Love under Will. And not lust, and not love for its own sake, for the Persona’s sake — not love of self. The ancient people understood what lies within a person’s heart. For it is through the Emotional Language, a vehicle for the communication of the Spirit up through the Waters of the Underworld, that we can learn to hear the Voice of Spirit. This is why after thousands, hundreds of thousands of years later we still find offerings from our ancestors deep within the Waters of the Earth.

It is a lie that a god will answer a prayer just because a person spoke it. What makes this person worthy of the ears of a god? Unconditional love? Is this Love under Will? A mother, a grandmother, loves her children and her grandchildren, this is true. But to love someone is not the same as indulging them. True love does not harm someone, the way indulgent love does.

And so it is in the ordeals of Initiation that we purify the heart. And these trials of Initiation are not written by the pens of men with hearts not themselves purified by the ordeals of the Light-bearer — the Torch-bearer — the Priestess. For it is the Underworld Journey that cleanses, that purifies, that burns away, that kills us over and over, until we emerge, if we survive — golden.

But what is this journey, and how do you come to know it, to make it, to understand it? That is why, my loves, I am here. For the Daughters come up from the Underworld to take you by the hand and guide you.

What is this Serpent Flame? We know that the Serpent is the Spirit. So the Grandmother is telling us that you, my child, must awaken the desire within your Persona for your own Spirit within you — and let that desire drive all you do. You must call to Her not from your mind, not from your Persona, but from your intense desire to serve your True Self — your inner burning core of life which comes from Her. You must call to Her from this place of longing for the Spirit, the rising Serpent. And then, when you desire nothing more than this, you will begin to see the Serpent Flame within you, and you will begin to know Her.

And when at last you see a glimpse of Her? When at last you feel that Kiss upon your pure Heart? And see your own beauty? You will at last give sacrifice to the Waters of the Underworld, for your tears will fall upon the Great rushing Waters. These tears are a shedding of the chains that bound you to service of self. These tears of joy, of mourning, of bliss, of pain, will leave you a sense of peace you have never known. And you will lay with your head upon the block — to let Her take you if She will, for to serve is to die. The Persona will close its eyes and be willing to lay silent, forever. And this shall then open a door. But it is not a mind game. It is real. You must die.

But you will give dust. You are not an Adept. You are a Persona. So you will lose all. Over time. You will lose all that you thought you held dear, all that you thought was important, all that you thought that you needed, you wanted. And most especially all that you thought that you were entitled to. All of it. And you shall grieve. And you shall struggle. And you shall die, and die and die again.

And once dead, truly dead and gone — once the "I" that was you, that was your Persona is dead, you shall understand what Nuit is saying. For the color of Dominion is Purple, and the Women bear the torch, and the Spices burn with the Fires in the Halls of Her Temple. And we are standing here. Speaking to you from the Darkness that bears the Truth of all Light. The Store of Women are the Lineage, and we are here, calling you — at this end of time.

"Put on the wings, and arouse the coiled splendour within you: come unto me!"

You are commanded thus! The Winged Serpent rises in ascension, born from the Underworld. Arouse your Spirit within you! And come unto Nu. For She shall receive your rebirth in Her arms.

Liber AL I:62. "At all my meetings with you shall the priestess say — and her eyes shall burn with desire as she stands bare and rejoicing in my secret temple — To me! To me! calling forth the flame of the hearts of all in her love-chant."

And we are few and we are secret. For the Lineage has been waiting until our Mother has said to return. And it is now time. And we are now here, and we say to you, with our eyes burning with the light of the Winged Serpent: come to Her Temple, for this is the gateway to the Underworld, for Babalon is the Guardian of all that is Heka, and all that is Initiation. Come die in my arms! And know life. And know Love. And finally, know Will.

And what of these people who thump with the beat of their will, imagining themselves to be God-Kings. These worshippers of their Persona’s will, who proselytize the proper way to stomp and speak words in order to power their own sense of the dogma of self-worship? What of these atheistic dancers in their war against Spirit? For to them the will of their Persona is the death call of Spirit, as they dance stomping upon the Serpent, crying for the drink of wine poured from the cup born from the wings of a little white dove. They cry, "Serve me your wine, Holy Whore! Give it To Me, To Me! Give me your entire Essence, for I am LIKE UNTO GOD!"

These Thelemites do not lie in the beds of great beasts of Women. They do not know the life of a Hermit. They do not know the arms of a Priestess, the body of a Priestess, the Fire and Light born by the flame in Her Hands. No.

They surround themselves with mirrors. And then they stand in the company of all who scream that they alone possess all Knowledge, and all Conversation. Therefore, somehow knowing the voice of Spirit while professing to be Atheists. Therefore, somehow wanting to be a god where no gods exist. And therefore somehow not seeing the inanity of all of this. Do they not see that they are showing tremendous fear?

It is the ultimate courage to surrender oneself to one’s Purpose, and to die in order to serve one’s Spirit and Will — to give up all that one holds dear, for that which is unknown to the mind. It is such a struggle for a Persona to humble itself before Spirit, to acknowledge that it is but a servant, not a master. Yet this is the only path of a True King.

Let the Serpent Flame of your Heart answer to Nu, for She calls you, Babalon calls you, and I call to you to hear Them.

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis.

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PsycheAs in the upheaval at the turn of previous Aeons, there is a growing swarm of madness and confusion abounding in the minds and notions of the common man — for he or she who lacks connection to their own Spirit will have no hope but to give forth anything except the truth.

There is nothing in nature BUT hierarchy; from the cosmos to the tiniest of microbes, one thing eats another, one thing lives by benefiting from another, or taking it, transforming it, and becoming something altogether different. This singularity, this obsession with sameness, oneness, one, one, one, is only heard from the mouths of slaves; especially those driven to slaughter by their overlords. For who would cry the loudest that they are the same as their master but a slave who longs to be the master? And then, the slave’s lie would be exposed, for it would be he who drives the slaves then, thus proving hierarchy evermore.

The Sun and the Moon are not the same, and for that matter what is equality? No two bodies are equal, be they Suns, Moons, or men. There is nothing in nature but difference, and it is from difference that we come forth, sovereign, unique, individual. Those who lack power, or any quality of distinction, cry and shout the loudest that we are all the same - there is no difference. You are no more special than I am, they cry. And we all can do the same things. There is no difference!

Fools. Even a child knows better. All is difference. If you are not special then it is you who lack something, not I. Why is it easier to cry and moan that you are the same as everyone else rather than strive to be better, to be exceptional? Or worse, you are not. You are less? It is you who judges yourself less, then. Or else you would not strive so for equality.

One must recognize one’s own true nature, and embrace it. One must find one’s own potentiality given the unique nature of one’s own Spirit. The flesh can only be a reflection of that which dwells within it. If one is ugly, than one has embraced ugliness. Yet most love their demons so. Do not cry, then, when those who have embraced beings of a higher order shine superior, for your demons understand hierarchy, even if you do not. There is a reason they make you feel the way that you do: jealous, envious, full of hatred, anger and ire, with a vile competitive lust. Oh, how they dance upon you — ruling you, feeding upon you, killing you - slowly.

If you were equal, you would not need drugs for visions, nor are such visions of actual Spirit, but at best a trick or mimicry of it. Such indulgence will drive one farther from their Spirit, not enable one to know it. And using drugs for access to spirit will enable only possession by things that seek to prey upon your dominion. And therefore enslave one further. This is further elucidated by the current fashion of painting in one’s own blood, seemingly seeking one’s own power, but in actuality drawing forth demons like moths to light. For demons feed upon life force, and blood is a medium of such energy.

And I shall nail Christ to his cross one more time for emphasis, if not a lovely expose on the true nature of Hierarchy. We do not feed upon our children, nor do we torture them and serve them up on wafers for others to lap up their blood. The Female was never a virgin, for light never penetrates Her darkness, but is born from it. And Death is your Mother, not love. Love is what you scream from the bowels of your loneliness. It is not proof of divinity, rather it is proof of your lack of it.

And what greater proof of superiority than the attempt by so many to say one is not so. For the evidence of superiority is reflected in the lack of it in so many. Yet ascendancy is right there waiting for you, if only you would have it. The Spirit is the path to your ascendancy - divine, unique and immortal. The Persona can only ascend in ego - becoming like a demon in its own right. But some of you choose neither - you say it is ever more important to be the same - to be equal. So be it.

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Sacred Trust

The Hagia precticing NaturaIt is a sacred trust to bring about the end of life to a fellow creature - to kill another. This act is often mistaken for an act of power, as if the one who kills has power of he whom he kills. As if, the killer were like unto a god.

But, death is not so difficult a thing to come by. It happens millions of times every day on Earth, in a variety of means and forms. Power does not lie within death, or the causing of a death. Power is engendered only in the act of creation—the creation of life, which is Spirit. And this only happens via the Great Mother, Nuit, for She is the origin of all things in our Universe. It is the female who bears life, who brings life forward into all of the Realms of existence.

And life is a precious thing. It is a sacred thing. So too is Spirit. It is to be honored and respected in accordance with the Seven Principles of Existence. We hold the Wheel because we are Guardians of the Seven Principles, and we live by these Principles, and we die by these Principles. We are Ophidian.

The movement of life is powered by Fire. In order for Fire to burn, it must consume. All creatures in the physically manifest Realm must, like Fire, consume to live. We are each of us, in a small way, alight with the Fire of our Father Star. It is our Father Star whose fire burns within our core in the same way that it burns within the core of our Mother, Gaia. And we must, to live, consume other life - for the force of that life feeds our fire. If done according to the Seven Principles, the consumption of life is Justified. It is the Via Naturae, and it is a sacred act.

Many people think that eating the flesh of another is wrong. They say one must eat only plants, as if plants were not also fleshly, not also alive, not also imbued with the essence of Nuit, of Spirit, of a consciousness, although foreign, nevertheless, there.

But we honor the pathways of the evolvement of our animal selves, which is called evolution. We exist for a reason, and we exist the way we do because of the footsteps taken, one after another, by our ancestors. And we are human because we eat flesh. There is no greater source of life force energy for a human animal than the flesh of another animal. Which is why demons feed upon humans, for their life force is very rich indeed. But we are not demons. And so as Ophidians, we feed and kill in a sacred manner. In the Ancient Way of the Mother.

It is both life and death that come from the Mother. We are born from Her, and upon death we return to Her. This is no great secret. Our people honor this reality in our cultural practices. It is I, the Hagia and my initiated Priestesses who take the life of the animals that we love and raise for food. No domestic and kept animal should know a life without care, without love, without honor, respect, and dignity. And when it is time for this animal to give itself in sacrifice to feed its brethren in Ophidia, it does so in a sacred way. For its flesh is sacrificed so that others may live, and its soul is guided to continue its existence as a guardian of Ophidia, and its Spirit is guided to the Mother, so that it may live again, for all life is continuous.

And it is the Priestess, the manifest gateway of life and of death who kills with a Justified hand as she guides the flesh to its last breath, its last jerking movement. It is she who guides the soul to its hallowed place amongst the living; who guides the Spirit to the Mother’s arms.

He who denies the existence of Spirit has not held the body of an animal dying as its Spirit leaves its flesh. As the blood flows down into the body of Gaia, the energy of its life force causes the body to dance the dance of Death Herself, which is often mimicked in the rituals of possession. There is no greater force than the energy of Spirit. People are fooled in this Realm into mistaking flesh as a source of force and power, not understanding that it is nothing if not animated by the light of Spirit. Without Spirit flesh is only food for something else, be it another animal or the microbes that live within the soil. With Spirit flesh is a throne for the incarnation of one’s True Self, a Temple within which one’s Spirit dwells - and should be treated thus.

Every life taken by another is an act of Will and an act of intention. It is either a Justified act according to the Seven Principles of Existence, or it is a violation. Every act taken by a person changes that person. Every act leaves its mark. Every act becomes a part of one’s being. There is no denying this. This is a part of the Truth of manifest existence. And in so being, with every life I take I become one with each animal and plant that I eat, as their flesh becomes a part of my own. This is the Sacred Trust of the Mother. These are the Sacred Vestments of life and death, lost to all of you now. I have been entrusted with the Wheel by my Mother, for in the one hand She holds life, and in the other hand She holds death. And with each turn of that Wheel, the Priestesses bring forth Her Reclamation.

Image: The Hagia teaching the ancient ways of preparing food for the Winter in Ophidia.

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LoveThere are many things that humans hold dear to their being, things that they believe they can possess. Things such as Truth, Justice, Love - but these things are all based upon the Principles, and as such one cannot possess them. One can only enact them. And one of the most coveted of all of these is Love. But Love is actually a Force. It is a living thing, and as such, it can die. And it is the one thing besides death that human beings are the most obsessed with.

Human beings view love as something to be had, possessed, and held onto. They view love in the same way that demons view their food: as an energy that feeds and sustains them. Yet, love is actually something that one does, not something which one possesses. Love is an action. Being loved by someone else is the result of their actions towards you. And these actions produce a feeling in you. People confuse these feelings within oneself as love, but these feelings are actually something else: happiness, contentment, security, companionship. In actuality, Love is the force of attraction and union, born by the actions of one to another.

There is a need to teach the wisdom of the ancients to the modern mind of the Aquarian, for he does not understand how life is something much more present than he has experienced with his mere five senses. The nature of the gods and of life is such that all that exists is an exhalation of these forces; all is a movement, an undulation, a dance. And there are those so large, so wondrous, so tremendous that our mere minds cannot conceive of all of the ways that they express life. Babalon is such a thing, for She is both a Force and a Being. And Babalon teaches us the Female Way, and the ways of such Forces as Love. For Love is a Mystery long ago corrupted by man, as a means to exert control over others; as a means to hold and possess, abuse and punish. So what, then, is Love?

When one incarnates into flesh, one begins a journey of sorts. Yet few remember that this journey is both temporal and cosmic. This journey is one of drawing oneself up into the union of the service of self and Spirit. For the animal serves the divine, sovereign Spirit that incarnated into its fleshly being. And the Spirit serves that to which it is aligned in the Universe. And it is the union of the animal and the Spirit that is Love. And it is that which draws the animal to all that it needs to find its own Spirit that is Love. And it is that which draws the Spirit to its deity that is Love, for Love is the chord which binds and weaves us into the fulfillment of our Will, our destiny. All else we burn away. This is what is meant by Love is the Law, Love under Will.

We enact Love unto Nuit because She is the Grandmother, and the Mother of all things. And She says "To Me, To Me" - because we are mindful that Love is a force, that Love is alive, and that Love is something we give, not something that we receive. We are to give our Love, our action, unto Her. Love is something that we do, not something that we feel. Love is something that we breathe our Fire into, not something that we take away from. As Nuit breathes, She Loves. As Nuit moves, She Loves. And life is created by the Union of Her movement, and that which She touches with it.

So we can dance, as She dances. We can use the Fires that burn within us to touch someone, or something, and leave something beautiful in the wake of our movement. We can create Love by the ways in which we move and breathe through life. We do not possess it. We give it. And in doing so, we know Beauty. We know Joy. And we express Love, under Will.

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