The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms

The Underworld

Gateway to the UnderworldOne of the Three Great Realms. Also called Orkestial or Chthonic, the Underworld is the place of darkness, magick, mystery and the dead. It is the womb of all existence - both manifest and unmanifest. It was often imagined by the ancients as being within the earth. Some traditions state that there was an inner light source or sun which existed there, which they called the Midnight Sun. The Goddess of the Underworld in various cultures and times was usually an incarnation of the Great Liberating Mother. The Underworld is the source of all Emergence and Transformation, and therefore the only place of Initiation beyond the purely Elemental degrees. The secrets of this Underworld process have been lost and forgotten in modern times, but are taught by Babalon, the Titans and the Fortuitous Angels to those who persevere and are able to discover the First Guardian of the First Gate of the Underworld.

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