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Glossary of Terms

Three Great Realms, The

The Three Great RealmsThe spirits all universally acknowledge the existence of Three Great Realms, and these three Realms are the same three which existed in the records of the ancient Goddess cultures, long before the Neolithic times. These three Realms are the Terrestrial, Caelestial and Orkestial - also known as the Material Realms, the Heavenly Realms, and the Underworld Realms. A manifestation of the Great Goddess rules over each Realm, the Earth Mother, the Bird Mother and the Snake Mother. Elementals and Titans and incarnate beings like Gaia and yourself are found in the Terrestrial Realms. Angels and true Gods are found in the Caelestial Realms, while Titans again, Dualities, Demons, Ophidians and many other types of spirits are found in the Orkestial Realms. The Terrestrial Realms are the places of Manifestation. The Caelestial Realms are filled with all possibilities of Divine Potentiality, while the Orkestial Realms provide the place of endless Transformation. The Terrestrial Realms contain the Four Elements which describe the levels and Manifestation of Persona, life and Spirit. The Caelestial Realms contain the Seven Planets which are the modifications of the Spirit, the source of the Seven Guiding Principles, and the fonts of all Divine Potentiality. The Orkestial Realms contain the reflection of both the Terrestrial and Caelestial Realms in its Twenty-Eight Mansions of Transformation, which are divided equally by four great rivers.

The combination of Terrestrial and Orkestial Realms is sometimes referred to as the Sublunary Realms, while the combination of Terrestrial and Caelestial Realms is sometimes referred to simply as the Universe or the Universal Realms. When referring to the Caelestial and Orkestial Realms only, the term Unearthly or Spiritual Realms is sometimes used. The magical practices of the Caelestial Realms are sometimes called Theurgia. The magical practices of the Orkestial Realms are sometimes called Goetia, but in modern parlance that term is now used exclusively for a group of 72 particular demons. This was not so originally. The magical practices of the Terrestrial Realms are sometimes called Telluric or Geomantic. Today this is generally known by the term Shamanism.

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