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Book I: Prosapia
The Axiomata of the Ophidian Lineage

  Chapter 5: On the Nature of Babalon

Book II: Principia
The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

  Chapter 5: The Nature of the World Soul II
  Chapter 6: The Priestesses of Heka
  Chapter 7: The Ordeals of Underworld
  Chapter 8: The Principles of the
                      Great Liberating Mother
  Chapter 9: The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

Book III: Natura
The Customs of the Ophidian Indigene

Book IV: Commentaria
The Account of Ophidian Proclamations

  ... more coming soon

Book V: Heka
The Rituals of the Temple.

(To remain mostly unpublished.)

Book VI: Liber Spirituum
The Records of the Spirits.

(To remain unpublished.)

The Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis

In Four Volumes

Seal of the Temple of Babalon

Prosapia Principia Natura Commentaria

Issued by Hagia Aureavia Anno CIX

"They shall gather my children into their fold: they shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men."

Divider Flourish

Welcome to the Online Edition of the Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis.

This Online Edition of the Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis has been issued by Hagia Aureavia in the Year of Ra Hoor Khuit 109, not only to the public at large, but especially to those few true seekers of Babalon and Her Mysteries.

Being a public document, there is much revision to the original works that must take place to insure that the Initiatory Secrets of Her Temple remain intact. Because of this revision, the process of publishing these books in a new form will take months, if not years, to accomplish. The many different parts of these books will be posted in the order that they become available, under Her direction. Therefore one should not expect to see the volumes and their contents to appear in any specific order. If you are new to Ophidian Thelema and the Lineage, then it might be best to start with the glossary definitions to be found in the section labeled "Insight". There is a tremendous amount of information to be assimilated concerning Ophidian Thelema and the Lineage, and this section will get you up to speed on some of the essentials.

As always, the work that is made public by the Temple is given to the world at large for free. Know that the True Mysteries are never for sale. This is the one true rule to help the uninitiated discover the impostors. The Temple never exchanges spiritual experience for coin, neither in dues nor in fees. The Temple flourishes through the dedication of its aspirants, the genius of their Spirits, the bonds of their Love, and the power of their Wills.

Ending Flourish

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