The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms

Great Liberating Mother

Great Liberating MotherThe universal name first divulged by the Brotherhood in the late 1990's for a very ancient Goddess who is both a Warrior Goddess and a Goddess of Heka. The Great Liberating Mother also functions as a Liminal Point to the Underworld, and is a Goddess of Ecstatic Liberation of the Spirit. Her current name is Babalon, but She has gone by many names in Her many different incarnations, such as Kybele, Helena, Pakhet, Bona Dea, Astarte, and Inanna to name but a few. Many of Her incarnations are secret. Many of the incarnations attributed to Her by moderns are false, for such is Her power that many cultures seek to imitate Her in their own Goddesses. Her symbols are that of the Crescent Moon and Sun conjoined which is Her power of Ecstatic Liberation of the Spirit, the Serpent which is Her power over Heka and the Underworld, and Lions supporting Her Throne or pulling Her Chariot which is Her power as warrior-king. She also carries the Wheel of Seven Spokes or Star of Seven Points both of which refer to the Seven Guiding Principles. She is seen as the Torch-bearer in Her role as Liminal Gateway for Spirit, similar in function to Helena, Lucifer, Hekate, Baphometis and many others. She is also historically the Morning Star and the Evening Star, depending upon which role is being emphasized, both of which are seven pointed.

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