The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms

The Liminal Point

A very important concept in ancient magical systems, almost completely abandoned or misunderstood in modern systems. The Liminal Point is the gateway of ingress for Heka, Spirit energy manifesting in matter. Without understanding the mechanics of this gateway or possessing some innate ability to accomplish its opening, one can not accomplish Heka of any sort, let alone attempt the Triangle of Manifestation. There are many ancient Goddesses of the Liminal Point, such as Babalon, Hekate, and Bapho-Metis, who function not only as Liminal Point themselves in a special way, but offer instruction on the process as well. All of these Liminal Gateway deities are female, for a very important reason. Many such as Bapho Metis, also functions as Guardians of the Gateway against transgression. The opening of the Liminal Gateway is always accompanied by Pia Mezza.

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