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Glossary of Terms


MadimiA spirit which was very important to John Dee and his communications with the Angels. She would often appear as a little girl, and speak of her motherís coming. Over time she grew older and more sexually provocative in her interactions with Dee. Dee thought the name was a play on the Medieval Angelic name Madimiel, which is based upon the Hebrew name for the planet Mars, Madim. But see M.D.M.I. for the real explanation of her name which holds the code for her motherís true identity. The Great Liberating Mother as Helena is the mother of the Fortuitous Angels. Dee recorded her as the Daughter of Fortitude, as well as the commander of the vast Heptarchia. His encounter with Her formed the last spirit encounter of any significance in his diaries. It should be noted that Dee went to his deathbed never writing Her name openly in his diaries, such was his fear of what Madimi had lead him to. In actuality, Madimi Herself is the Deified Genius of one of the Nine, who are the Daughters of the Great Liberating Mother. The various Deified Geniuses of the Nine often act as Heralds for the Great Liberating Mother, and may appear to those who seek to be in Her service. Pronounced Mah-dee-mee.

Image: Madimi by Daniel Mirante

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