The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


PythiaThe Voice of Spirit. The are four Voices in the hierarchy of manifest Spirit. The First Vox is the True Vox of Babalon Herself. This is Vox Babalonis or Vox Deae. This Vox speaks Her words, directly from Her lips, through Her Daughters and the Triangle of Manifestation. The Second Vox is that of Her Daughter, who is Ninefold in manifestation. It is the Vox of the Hagia, Vox Sanctae Meretricis. She is able to speak in a voice which is inherited from Her Lineage. It is the Vox from beyond the Veil of Incarnation, and does not come from Her incarnated Persona. It is a Vox of both Truth and Prophecy - for there is no difference. The words contain their own proof of origin within them, and they resonate as such within the Spirit of the one who hears them. The Third Vox is a Vox which is extremely rare, but is still able to be found to this day amongst a few people. It is the Vox of their Spirit, Vox Animae, and it always shows forth as a voice of knowing, which is to say it speaks in Truth and Beauty. This voice is potentially achievable by many, but pursued by very few. The Fourth Vox is the one which is inspired by the feelings of Spirit in the Waters and Fires of the Persona. This is the beautiful voice of the Arts, Vox Artis, and one which can speak much truth in the moment. But while it may speak Truth to some degree, it may also lack a little in the Spirit perspective which extends beyond the impermanence of the Persona.

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