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Book I: Prosapia
The Axiomata of the Ophidian Lineage

  Chapter 5: On the Nature of Babalon

Book II: Principia
The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

  Chapter 5: The Nature of the World Soul II
  Chapter 6: The Priestesses of Heka
  Chapter 7: The Ordeals of Underworld
  Chapter 8: The Principles of the
                      Great Liberating Mother
  Chapter 9: The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

Book III: Natura
The Customs of the Ophidian Indigene

Book IV: Commentaria
The Account of Ophidian Proclamations

  ... more coming soon

Book V: Heka
The Rituals of the Temple.

(To remain mostly unpublished.)

Book VI: Liber Spirituum
The Records of the Spirits.

(To remain unpublished.)

The Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis

Book 1 - Prosapia

The Axiomata of Ophidian Thelema

Also known as: The Lineage

Ophidian Star

The Words of Hagia Auriavia


NoboromantuI am not here to teach you. Heka cannot be taught.

My life, my existence is in service.
I serve Babalon, and Ra Hoor Khu.
I serve Nuit, and Gaia.
I serve the Seven Principles.

So I am not a teacher.
I am a beacon, used by their hands.
I hold a light,
like the Hermit.

I hold a sword,
like the Hierophant.

What is the light that I hold?
What is the sword that I hold?

There is a path.
There are many, many paths,
But there is A path that my service yields as a doorway.
I am a doorway.

The light that I hold is the Reward of Ra Hoor Khu.
It is the light of the Sun, the light of Spirit.
It is truth. My truth, but also your truth.
Because I am Ophidian.
Serpent, Spirit, Truth.
Pure light.

I can see you with this light.
I can see who or what resides within you.
Who or what controls and drives you.
Which spirit? Which spirits?
Yours, or others?
I can see what speaks your words,
Often they are not your own.

The color of your soul has many meanings.
What you see or feel, or think of me is a reflection of those voices within you.
This language of spirit that has been granted unto me is a language of Water and Fire
and a part of my Service.

Heka cannot be taught, but doorways can be opened.
Or closed.
I am a guide.
When people come to me with questions,
seeking guidance, direction, or other motivations,
I answer that which truly speaks through them.
Whether that be their being, or most often another.
I speak to that which controls them.
That confuses most.

But truth is not something easily understood today.
Truth is seen as malleable in this Aeon of fixed air.
Truth is actually a spiritual reality.
This Aeon despises the concept of reality.
Truth is pure.
This Aeon despises purity.
Truth is righteousness.
This Aeon covets debauchery and indolence.
The serpent winds and twists, it coils, it strikes, it stays hidden, and it reveals itself.

Reflection has many uses.
Whether within a mirror, or the Waters.
There is no use for Air here.
Air is empty.
Air is filled with voices not your own.
Air is a medium of possession.
Air is a medium of transference.
The Waters can reveal Truth.
But the Hanged Man will trap you there, under your confusion,
under illusions, and all that seeks to keep you captive.

Initiation is a part of the Heka of the Great Liberating Mother,
Initiation is not a play, not an exercise, not a game, not self-directed.
It is Spirit directed.
It is a binding, the “manyhood bound, and loathing…”
It is not an exercise, it is exorcism.
It is a severance.
That is my sword.
I was given three swords in my own initiations.
A sword of Michael, a sword of Ra, and a sword of Babalon.
Each sword serves a function in my service.

All that holds you bound to all things other than your one, true spirit must be slain,
if you are to become that which you incarnated to be.
All choices are yours, and yours alone.
All that you seek are sought by your own Will.
All consequences of your choices are yours to bear.
No one can tell you what choice to make, or who you are, or what you are here to be.
That is only your truth, and yours alone.
You are alone.
There are guides. There are doorways.
I am a guide, a doorway on a particular path.
That is my service. That is my oath, to those my Spirit serves.
Do not knock upon this door unless you seek Truth.
I cannot speak anything other than Truth.
It will most often not be something that you want to hear.
Your spirit may want to hear it.
But you do not.

Do you know what ritual sacrifice is?
Do you know who and what dies?
It is all that binds you. Even many parts of you that do not serve your Spirit, your Purpose, your incarnation.
You must cut it all away.


The Great Liberating Mother liberates you from all that binds you, so that you may do your Will.
It is painful.
It is agonizing at times.
Many cannot do it.
Many cannot abide here.
Many are too afraid, too weak,
or too possessed by those much more powerful
than they, themselves, feel that they can overcome.
The forms of possession are overwhelming.
Tangible things. Intangible things.
Living things.
Soulless things.
Dead things.

Freedom is a terrible responsibility.
Bearing one’s own Truth is a seemingly terrible burden.
What is required of you to do such a thing encompasses the ultimate courage.
What is required of you is the ultimate yearning.
You must burn with your Truth.
You must burn for your Truth.
You must be willing to die for it.
Over and over and over again.
And then rise.
You rise. And you go forth.

All that you think is power is an illusion,
or a reflection,
or a lie.
All of the Power that exists in life is but a light.
The power that you can manifest within your fleshly existence,
is the humbleness of Truth,
the power of spirit.
You cannot fathom this power until all that binds you has been cut away.
You cannot imagine the burden
of the responsibility
of bearing that Truth
until you are forged with the purity of true Will.
You cannot bear the weight of it
until you have risen from the ash.

There are guides.
There are doorways.
There are tests.
There is success.
There is failure.

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sancta Meretricis
In Nomine Noboramantu

Ending Flourish

(There are more writings to be added to this section. Please check back soon.)

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