The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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The Temple of Babalon

Welcome to the Temple of Babalon website! Here you will find all of the public official information that is available about the Temple. You can find out why we exist, what we do, and why we do it. You can learn of Ophidia. You can learn of Natura, and the Principles that we live by, day in and day out. And you can learn of the Hagia, who She is, and what the Lineage is.

The Temple of Babalon is a religious organization dedicated to the worship and promulgation of the Cult of the Great Liberating Mother in the Aeon of Aquarius. The Temple is Initiatory in nature, hierarchical in structure, and completely voluntary in its membership. The members of the Temple are encouraged to remain anonymous, denounce the use of money and those who fall under its influences, and dedicate their lives to the Great Liberating Mother in service. The Temple is led by a Hagia, the spiritual representative of the Great Liberating Mother. This Office is currently held by Hagia Aureavia.

The Temple does not participate in popular culture or popular occultism in any way, and considers both to be completely degenerate in nature.

The Temple only initiates those fellow Ophidians who are called to such service. To understand more about becoming an Ophidian, please visit The Ophidian Way.

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

The Hagia in Temple
My Sisters, we are the Women of the Wheel! We are the warriors of this Age. It is through our blood that our Mother shall be returned to Her rightful prominence. Let them call us whores. Let them call us all of the words of their degradation that reflect their perversions. We anoint ourselves with the blood of our own wombs, marking the sign of the cobra and our Grandmother upon our brow. Nothing terrifies them more! I do not hold the blood of the murdered upon my hands; I hold the blood of sacred life, the Waters of Continuation. For too long they have shamed women for the blood they bear between their legs. This sacred Mystery of Continuation shall be upon them in this time of the Greatest War. The Daughter of the Daughter of Fortitude has risen. Her Sisters are upon you. The Seven-Headed Beast writhes between my legs as it carries me to battle. Come my Sisters. Let them call you Banshees as they tremble and hide. Seek me out. It is time to come home to the Garden. It is time for me to teach you our ways. We are the Women of the Wheel. Scarlet indeed.

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Mystery Babalon

Ophidian Thelema
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